August 25, 2011


Good relationship most often,are not just emerge in the earth soil,and like a magic that in a seconds, all are automatic,and grow without a seeds, and developed its stem's,and if a matter of seconds,has just magically

August 22, 2011

Aging Effect

Aging,what are those negative, and positive result,and those disadvantages,and advantages,let us face the truth in how we understand life,so that we can live much more calm and having a peace of mind,because

August 21, 2011

Day off

Day off for Caregivers,do day off for Caregivers really an important to have in once a week,and do day off really help a lot?this what will be our topic,that I will post this time,and we analyze those sides,that help any

August 20, 2011

Hired Caregiver Adjustments

Hired Caregiver Adjustments,one of the hired caregiver must to be aware,and must to know what will be ahead of the way,and one of the things that must to be prepared in one self as a caregiver,is the

Total Stress

Caregivers!understanding what is a Caregiver,is understanding what life really is, as a whole,because in Care giving,any caregiver can able to sense every hardship,regarding on what is the patient feels in daily basis,and

August 19, 2011


There are those Caregivers,with a patient that had a complicated disease and due to the disease,there are those hard time for caregivers,to see in their own very eyes,the suffering of their patient,I wrote this

The Caregiver found the Second Home

Caregivers,what would be mostly the common expression,and understanding about all those foreign Caregivers?that are often willing to work abroad as a caregiver,most of the common understanding about the

In Demand of Caregiver Forces

Caregivers! Why worldwide is in need of a Caregivers?that's what will be our topic for today my dear reader's,as we get in board to our topic,let us first acknowledge all Caregiver around the world for their

August 18, 2011

Huge Patience Within

What does patience contributed in the Channel of Care giving,and what does patience can give the good and fantastic result in care giving?lets do answer all that Question!first thing that we might do is,let us think how the

August 17, 2011

Understanding what is the Circle of Caregiver career

Flexibility as a Caregiver in every mode changes of any patient,in care giving career,there's a lots of things to be considered,and I mean,as a whole, or entire dimension as a fully grown caregiver,Why I said fully grown

August 16, 2011

Far Away Across the Ocean as (P.C.A.)

What is ( P.C.A. ) PERSONAL CARE ASSISTANT,this word commonly known as the CAREGIVER,
if we hear the word Caregiver,its commonly understood as,a person that taking care for someone,that

August 15, 2011

My Elderly Patient Touching Words

Hi! to all my readers,in our topic for today,is about what my Elderly Patient Touching Words,and it really touched my heart,and I always bring it to me since then,and I'll never forgot that touching words,that will be

August 14, 2011

Care giving is a part of our life

When we say the word ''CARE'', the first and common answer to that simple, but a wonderful word and
deserving word,Care giving is a part of our life,since the first time we open our eyes into our world,that what

Time Given me a Caregiver

Elderly people,what would be the feeling,becoming an Elderly?for sure!there are advantages and the disadvantages,but that's the way it is,that's how all of us live the life that we are into,I remember those early

August 13, 2011

Accepted as a Family for being a Caregiver

A Hired Caregiver,or (P.C.A) Personal Care Assistant,Employers concept,or even everyone else,in regards,of knowing people,and on whom we may give our trust,especially,allowing friends to stay in our

Entering to the World of Elderly

What would be? Or What would it be?The inside as a whole,of the Elderly World, The first thing to do is, Entering to the World of Elderly or Seniors,most of the common concept are,being a caregiver for elderly or

August 12, 2011

Fallen to be a Family Caregiver

There are those,circumstances that inevitably happen in sudden unprepared time,and is not just happen in seldom way,or a seasonal way,it'll happen in a surprise entrance,and change color suddenly,without notice,

August 11, 2011

Hire a Caregivers for your love ones

There are those some reason,on why,needed a Hired Caregiver for
your love ones,one of the reason commonly is,if your love ones had

I'll Never Forget anymore my Medication

What if,your Grandfather,Grandmother,Mother or Father, forget the daily
Medication,and it'll not be once. for sure,it'll involve risk,for them,and we

Need More Hired Caregivers as the World gets Older

Its been for how many years,Caregivers are making the lives of Elderly or
Seniors moving on,and making the difference,as days,months,years moving

August 10, 2011

Caregiver Career is the Choice of some Filipino's

Why Care giving Career a Choice for some Filipino's? Let us First start
with the reason,the reason on why caregiver career is the choice of some

August 9, 2011

Different Nationality of Foreign Caregivers Working in Israel

Israel is one of the Country that,accept or hired a Foreign Caregivers from abroad,
in various countries,and Caregivers in Israel,are in demand,to fill those care

Live out Caregiver

A live out Caregiver,is a caregiver that work only for an hours,and depending
on the arrangement,whether in day time or in night time,and it vary the numbers

Filipino O.F.W. Caregivers Building Their Good Future

Filipino O.F.W. Caregivers,there are those seminar and training or a briefing
session,for all the O.F.W. Caregivers,that are ready to board for their respective

Live in Caregiver

A Live in Caregiver,is a Caregiver that Works for 24/7,meaning,the caregiver
will be staying at all times with the patient,doing all the task and duties daily,

August 8, 2011

Filipino Caregivers Trained to make a Difference

Caregiver Training Centers in the Philippines. before a Filipino Caregiver
will board the destination,on where he/she will work as a ( P.C.A )

August 7, 2011

Choosing if Care Home or Private Home Care

There are those question sometimes,for the family of the elderly or seniors,or the desire of the elderly person,on where to stay,when time comes for retirement,whether at Home of the senior,that the senior

Nothing Impossible

 First and Foremost,there are really possible things that happening,and seen on our very own eyes,and we must to take it into ourselves,as an example,I mean,the Paralympic athletes,and no one ever imagine that, a

August 5, 2011

Art Therapy for Elderly People

         Art therapy,is a therapy for elderly or senior people & disabled people in all ages,with a,
         physical,mental,disabilities,the purpose of the treatment is to utilize any art works for

The need of Caregiver

         When will be, the need of caregiver for those independent elderly seniors, there are
         Question that usually some are always asking,if they saw an elderly seniors,independently,

August 4, 2011

Some Seniors or Elderly Reach the Age of Over 100

             What is the secret of those elderly people that reach the age over 100?
             I always Wondering,and amazed when i see those elderly people,reaching the

What would be if the former Caregiver get old

           What would be if the former Caregiver will get old,do he/she will hired
          a caregiver for his/her self,to take care for him/her,and be there for 24/7,

August 3, 2011

Seniors and Elderly the Retirees

             Seniors and Elderly people,commonly known and used to be called by many
             as the retired people,retiree or pensioner,due to old age,and reach the

August 2, 2011

Care of Home Care With the Combination of Caregiver

         Home Care,also known as Social care,Health Care or a supportive care in the
        patient own unit or home,within the Care homes,and this units are provided  by

Care of Nursing Homes

Nursing Homes, provides care for its residents,nursing homes is a place for any
person,that needed full and vital care,daily, residents of nursing homes,are given