May 6, 2011


    First and foremost.practical way and the easy way or the short cut method that apply effectively and intelligently are the most common approach to achieve a good result sometimes it can be great.child care with an illness condition or disabilities etc.that need for a caregiver to handle all task and duties are commonly a challenging either hard task depending on patient behavior and attitude and as a caregiver,
all task and medical duties that a caregiver trained to comply their certificate as a caregiver as well all the training that regards in medical procedure including medicine, hygiene,household,monitoring vital sign etc.that involves check up and doctor instruction and nurses as well,all that can be learn and practice and further need to be sharpen to perform all duties
effectively in day by day,but the most vital part of being a caregiver is,on how you deal with all of your patience and patient attitude and is not an easy task nor duties dealing various attitude,in child care usually a caregiver must know and how to make the situation in good mode when the patient is a child,first thing to deal is the tantrum as this is common for a child.a caregiver must to think intuitively and always be wisely to slowly make all the possible way to gain the trust of the patient so that its easy to do all the daily the child slowly give the trust and feel that the caregiver is a best friend of his or her that's the time the connection comes and flow smoothly as day's goes by.
            Tantrum can be dealt with a lot of patience and giving the great care that comes from the heart as a caregiver.anybody as a person when you feel that someone is true to you and making all things possible to help you and always there to give you the extended hand not just only a caregiver but as a true friend, that the patient can count fact.being a caregiver is being a human that care for a person that need attention and great care and as a human being we must to feel the reason constantly why & when the patient has a tantrum causing to shout or something to hurt someone feelings specially as a a caregiver we must to take note at all times that it is not intentionally done by the patient, a caregiver must to understand it and fill the tank for more patience in days to come. giving all the best care and understanding always help in the end to build a good relationship as a caregiver and as a patient to be both happy likewise to the family of the patient.
child care is rewarding when good relationship to both patient and caregiver build stronger,flexibility in all field always required,in child care being flexible take some time to play and to enter the world again of childhood  world to make the patient happy and for the caregiver as well too.
      in child care making the situation much easier daily is to build the good connection to the patient and the advantage in childcare is the caregiver always fell younger and younger everyday.once more take a note
build a good relationship and a great connection,understanding in all ways for the patient then both patient and caregiver is happy and the family of the patient.    BY:J.LE


  Information and ways on how to give a good care for an old patient.there's a Lot's of way on how to give the best and effective care for old patient, just always bear in mind that dealing an old patient is a tricky task and its depend on ones characteristic and attitude in truth.
 as a caregiver as i mention on previous pages that as a caregiver you must always be flexible and understandable in all situation,in that way you can figure it the easy way to manage or handle the situation flowing much easier that you imagine,some old people are irritable and sad,some are good approachable and easily to have a good conversation at any time. these characteristic and mode to some old people is
depend on their case or condition, is a case to case basis and they don't intentionally do it to make the caregiver fell that they don't like someone to care for them or rejection to the caregiver,its on the hands of the caregiver to wisely understand it, as if you're putting  their shoes in you're feet.they usually felt uneasy and hopeless because of their situation and condition ,and to understand it further in a long run,that's why they need someone to understand them and to be with them
as their best friend to lift them up to live a normal life despite of their condition,to be their extended hand and feet to move on with a happy life day by day.if  they will feel it that a caregiver is worth and honestly and caring for them with all of heart they can sense it and the result will be amazing for both the caregiver as well as the old patient.first thing to keep in mind constantly is understand them and be wise to put a lot of effort to find the way on how the patient will have and engage the connection to you as a caregiver,and as the time comes that the connection started. daily task will be as easy as the same that your are taking care of your own grandfather or grandmother. this article that i wrote is a natural way on how to manage various attitude of old patient and is really worth and effective as we are taking care for our own love ones, applying it the same with all of our heart.bear in mind that if you love your job and you love doing it the sum will be great and caregiver career its always involve heart because your dealing life and time is precious for all patient to enjoy and live a normal life and as a caregiver be their for them to help them to succeed on it not just only a caregiver doing the responsibilities to give the services to the patient but to make a difference to help and feel the happiness in heart to treasure it as a good thing that you have done to your patient but as their best friend.      WRITTEN BY: J.LE