June 30, 2011


This tips is for the caregiver that taking care for an Alzheimer patient, it's hard for this
type of patient for the caregiver, as we knew that Alzheimer patient are sometimes are
unaware on what is happening on his/her environment and sometimes forgot names
of people that he/she knows for a long period of time and usually names of the relatives
or whatsoever.and in fact,this incurable disease was first described by the German
psychiatrist and neuropathologist in 1906, Alois Alzheimer,and the disease was name
after him.

      “Some Signs Of Alzheimer disease are”

           1) Confusion
           2) Restlessness
           3) Memory loss
           4) irritable behavior
           5) language breakdown

 This Alzheimer disease is known to be incurable disease and  is called as the cell from a human brain is dying.

As a caregiver that taking care of Alzheimer patient,always find the way as the 
best ways to help keep the patient mind stay active,and this case of disease as a
caregiver,you must have a lots of patience to have within you as a care provider,
that truly understand the situation of the patient,in day by day routine,do all the
best to first engage in any conversation to both of you and the patient,any topic
that catch the interest of the patient to have the conversation,this will help the
mind to stay active,and be aware that for a few minutes the patient will forget,
there's nothing we can do about that,just always maintain the treatment,it is not
the cure for the said disease, but in engaging to any conversation with the patient
this can help activate the brain to exercise for couple of minutes and will be back
on the point where the disease stock the brain,there are also ways to help keep
the mind of the patient active,by means of reading,any kind of books that gain
interest of the patient or any news papers to keep up to date the patient memory,
do all the best as a caregiver to help the patient and work within your heart as
treating the patient as your best friend,as a caregiver you must to understand
and always put your feet on yours patient shoes and feel what the hardship
that the patient is experiencing in daily cycle of his/her life.

Always find the best ways to engage any conversation for the patient to his/her
interest at all times to help keep the mind active,talk to the patient within your
heart and even the conversation is the same with the other day,put the patient
on track to have the conversation, and let the patient enjoy the conversation,
and when you as a caregiver knows what really interest the patient to have
a conversation,remind the patient of the people that he/she knows, like the
member of he family or the son, daughter or whatsoever that keeps the patient
enjoying the conversation. This simple mind exercise doesn't eliminate the
disease,but it'll help the mind of the patient to remember something and
exercising the brain of the patient to be active and not stock,always at all
times be patience to engage any conversation that keep the patient to be
on track and be creative to do all the best possible options to maintain
the patient mind active, and help also the patient to join some gathering
of the patient friends like talking while drinking coffee together with some
of the patient friends or by playing chess or other mind games that gain the
interest of the patient or watching television together and engaging with some
conversation and or the family of the patient if there is an occasion or either
the family of the patient will engage some conversation,and always remember
that you as a caregiver can maintain this simple brain exercise in day by
day routine for the Alzheimer patient.

Caregiver vital role in Alzheimer patient is to keep the patient safety at
all times when at home,Alzheimer patient is not safe when alone at home,
it is always recommended by the medical professional to have caregiver
at all times with the patient sake and safety at home and at all times to be
with the Alzheimer patient, because some case of Alzheimer patient, the
patient will walk even in the middle of the night if the patient think that she/he
will go to somewhere place that even himself doesn't know where he/she
is going. also, at the patient home, some other things is flammable and it
is to dangerous for the Alzheimer patient to be alone at home,in
bottom line,caregiver will be the guide and the person that will always
remind the patient and keep the safety and all the essential things
for the patient and as a whole for the patient sake,such as diet,medication,
feedings,bathing,clothing,and as a whole in daily routine.      BY: J.LE

Tips for caregiver to avoid skin infection for old or senior patient.

Skin infection can be prevented when taken an action at the very first stage of
wound and by taking care properly with dressing every day to keep it clean and by
applying some antibiotic cream that recommended by the assign doctor or physician,
as a caregiver,always bear in mind that it is much more practical to keep the patient
away from any wound,or be always cautious on what the patient do and must do,
and always avoid the patient from any sharp or pointed edges or sharp object that
can cause wound,in this ways,you as a caregiver can ease the lifestyle of your senior
               There are some cases must to be aware of, as a caregiver.

1) Some of the old patient or most of them are prone to wound,due to some sensitivity
on their skin. As a caregiver avoid the patient from getting a wound,sensitivities
of skin especially old patient,must always be taken into proper care,as a caregiver
avoid the patient from scratching his/her own skin,because this can cause a tiny
wound from the start and if not noticed can lead to a deeper and double size wound,
always maintain the nail of the patient trim level to his/her each finger tip. In this
way,it is safe for the patient when unavoidable scratching done.

2)diabetic patient. Diabetic patient are prone to skin infection if not properly care or
not prevented the wound from infection,as a caregiver you must be aware of what
is the disease and status of your patient whether senior or child patient or any age,
always be aware the things to be in caution,like unwanted wound that sometimes
due to some circumstances occurred and not intentionally done and not wanted
by both either the caregiver or the patient,in this case,as a caregiver always avoid
the patient from getting a wound,and when sometimes come,that the patient got
a wound in various unwanted reason,always call the assign physician or nurse
to check the wound,this simple ways can prevent unwanted skin infection.

One thing to be at all constantly be very watchful on what the patient do, if that will
cause any wound and even a tiny wound,always avoid the patient to have it,its because
even a single tiny wound can developed a skin infection if the patient is diabetic or
has a sensitivity on skin,and this will cause for the patient to unnoticed skin infection,
the best thing or the best ways to prevent the senior or old patient from any skin infection
is to avoid as much as possible for the patient to have unwanted wound,and sometimes
inevitable circumstances happen that patient got a wound,take the ample time and do
the proper way of medication and dressing and always follow the instruction of the
doctor or physician.

Keep the wound always clean everyday and if the doctor advice to put some antibiotic
cream or whatsoever,always do the proper way to follow the instruction of the doctor
and if there will be any unusual that you think,always call the physician and schedule
a follow up check up,in this simple way,you can prevent any skin infection for the
patient. and it will help ease your day both as a caregiver and patient that free from
wound,and if free from wound free from any unwanted skin infection.  BY:J.LE

June 29, 2011


Choking is very dangerous and it can cause death,as we all know that our throat
has the vital air way passage for us to breath and live,if any foreign bodies block
the air way passage that keep us from breathing to live,if not remove it can be a fatal
and causes death for anybody that on that situation of choking,there are some ways
and important ways to prevent anybody from choking,with the careful of eating on
what we chew and how we swallow a food,this are all must to be taken into vital
care on what we eat and how we chew and swallow our food,as we go on on our
topic on how to avoid old patient from choking, there are ways and precaution on
how one can prevent or to avoid from choking while eating especially for old patient.
always bear in mind on what we eat and how we swallow or chew food before we swallow.

fish bone,fish spike,are one of the things that we must to be careful
when is on our table,just to be careful specially for old people,if you a
caregiver for old patient,always check what will be the patient food and
if fish,always at all times take off all the fish spikes and bones just the fish
meat to put on the plate of the old patient to eat.
Most of the old patient are prone to choking,due to weak response of their saliva to
slide the food in their throat,and most of the old people, their food passage or air way
passage is dry and when the throat is dry,its prone to choking when eating, because it
will stock and in fact when you see old person taking his/her breakfast or dinner or
maybe lunch,they usually coughing and this is the sign that must take it to special
attention at all times.

One thing to be aware and always make it a habit for the old patient to drink water
before starting to eat,and as a caregiver it is your responsibility to choose the right
food for the patient,soup and soft meat are the best for the old patient to be on the
diet and salads,such as vegetable salads or smash potatoes or rice and always with
a soup and always the meat either chicken or beef etc. must always be check if it
is soft to eat for the old patient,and also can be bite by the old patient with a false teeth.

Careful at all times as a caregiver,what will be the food that you will prepare for the
patient,always thinks the word safety first at all times to avoid any unwanted
circumstances like choking when eating food that not suit for the patient ability
to swallow,always be responsible and patience enough to check the food of the
patient before serving,this simple thing can prevent and ease the day to day life
as a caregiver and patient,and always bear in mind that never leave the patient
eating alone,always stay near or beside the patient when eating,because in a
matter of seconds,anything can happen.

Always check the food that you will be serving for the old or senior patient
especially the meat,check the meat at all times if its soft enough for the patient
to eat and be swallow,whether is chicken meat,beef, always check if its soft for
the patient to eat, soup is best and blended food because is easy to eat for
the patient,and in fact,you as a caregiver can blend the food all together with
vegetables and meat together and it is good because food are combine and vitamins
with in the food that you will blend is mixed well all together and easy to be eaten
by the old patient as well as soft for the patient to eat.
and if the patient doesn't wanted to blend the food,be always patience to check
any food that you will serve for the patient at all times to avoid any problem,it is
always the best ways to prevent an old or senior patient from unwanted choking
while eating by means of being responsible and patience to check the food and
best to double check before serving any food for the old or senior patient.  BY: J.LE

June 24, 2011


This responsibilities is vital and very important to take always into often in place
as to avoid any further serious problem that can cause from unwanted falling that
can lead to a various unwanted problem like permanent disabilities due to some
broken bones that cause from falling, and sometimes can lead to sudden death,
falling is one of the causes of death of some old people living without a caregiver,
and even inside home can possibly happen with a seconds,some old people fall in
bed and causes a lots of problem, and damage some parts of the body bones specially
the rib cage and if unfortunately,sometimes cause death due to falling head first,
and its depend on how the old person position when falling and there's a
lot of possibilities if a hard fall of an old person can cause any fracture to the bone
or perhaps broken,and in fact,most of the old people has a weak bone and even a
slight fall sometimes can cause a very serious matter.
Old patient is prone to falling,and must always taken into serious responsibilities
as a care provider,most of old people when walking,they're not lifting their feet in
making a step,instead they just slightly lifting and dragging it when they make a step
to walk,and it is dangerous when slipped,in this case,usually the social worker or
medical professional that monitor the patient health will recommend the family of
the old person to hired a caregiver to be with the old person at all times or someone
from the family to be with him/her grandfather or grandmother at all times,to prevent
future problem that cause from falling or slip,and one thing must be check is the shoe
of the old patient because sometimes shoe with excess inches before the old patient
toes,can also be the cause of unwanted falling or slipping.

And when the family decided as well as the patient to hire a caregiver,
as a caregiver in this case of the patient situation,the caregiver must always be
precaution on every step of the patient and always watch what will be on the way
of the patient steps,always avoid any obstruction from the patient steps or remove
any possible obstruction that can lead to falling or slipping,as a caregiver always
stay close to the patient sides and hold the patient shoulder and waist by controlling
the patient in moving forward faster,most of the old patient can't control their weight
and movement forward while walking and some of them they're not looking what
is on their way ahead,as a caregiver always find the best ways at all times to avoid
the patient from falling,and this responsibilities is must always taken to serious
matter and never let the patient walking alone and always stay alert because sometimes
some of the old patient never ask the caregiver to walk together or be with her/him
when walking,some of the old patient just walk whenever they what or wherever they
wanted,as a caregiver always be alert and responsible enough to do this vital task.

Always stay near or close at all times to the patient, and in this task, a caregiver will
need a lots of patience to handle this kind of task because most of the old patient they
move slow due to their age,just always bear in mind that always think in advance
for the safety of the patient to prevent any future problem,as we always know that
prevention is much better than cure.          BY :J.LE

June 22, 2011


There are gears to be take into account when in care giving,these gears can help the
caregiver to be in cool mode and normal when as needed,care giving is always a hard
task and challenging also stressful,but can be deal with essential formula that can be
always useful in care giving job,gear can be shifted in many ways depending on what
the personality of the caregiver,in care giving,is always depend who will be the caregiver
and what is the personality and characteristics as well as the attitude of the caregiver as
a person,caregiver job is always a test for the caregiver in day by day works and duties
and to the maximum capacity of the caregiver will be tested by time and situation.
and is always depending on the situation often on who the caregiver or who is the patient
as to say one way to the other.

Gear that I myself learn to use it in my care giving days is,shifting from negative to
positive mode,always find a way to divert the negative mode to positive mode as much
as it could to be able to have a good day and good flow relationship between caregiver
and patient,and one of the positive gear that useful is patience,patience is the one of the
key to have a good mode and positive flow,patience in care giving task must always
push to the maximum and its not that easy,as a caregiver,toughness in inner feelings
to be able to do such duties in positive result,not minding the negative feelings that
cause by our sensitivity when patient hurt our feelings,in caregiver always bear in mind
that taking care of a sick and needy person due to some diseases or disabilities that
sometime or often the patient doesn't mind if he/she are hurting the feelings of the care
provider,sensitivity in care giving must to be able to learn it to manage in controlling
oneself for better result,because sometime our sensitivity put us into negative flow,
sensitivity in oneself has two faces, the negative and the positive,this sensitivity is
must be deal in a right way to avoid any sudden discharge and the outcome is to give
up,this case can vary depending on the situation for both parties,sometimes there are
some situation that mismatched issue, and the chemistry for both caregiver and the
patient is impossible to match even for a caregiver that has a huge of patience,or
patient doesn't wanted the caregiver even for couple of months together,this cases
mention is really happening and the result of this cases is one will give up either
the caregiver or the patient,is always depend on the situation,case to case basis in
short to say.
Care giving gear is always useful for the caregiver as well for the patient sake,
just always bear in mind that always shift the gear from negative to positive in
hence. If the patient is always irritable and thinking too much of what is the hard
situation that he/she is in,always shift the gear to divert the mind of the patient to
think good things and let the good essence flow in the mind of the patient and let
the patient feel that you are always there beside him/her often to help and to be
the person that he/she can talk to what really bothers on or anxiety that cause
any mental disturbance that can lead to unhealthy for the physical,emotional well
being of the patient.

Just always find a way to shift the gear from negative to positive to obtain a
good and smooth flow between you as a caregiver and the patient. always open
to learn at all times what is the vital way to help the patient and in all ways as
much as possible and it will be a great result for both caregiver and patient in
days to come and building a good trust in both.        BY: J.LE


Miracle,this is the word that usually all of us people are always asking when time of
hardship and trial in our life, like trials that comes into our way sometimes is hard to accept
the fact, but all of us always asking for miracle specially when it comes to the situation
that involve our love ones that on the situation of losing them in our life and sometimes
is so hard to accept the reality,that we can say why its happening,when we see a person
that is very sick or in worse cases disease and the time is so slim to live the normal life, that
all of us are always wishing,this situation is hard and some are unfortunately is in the said
situation or was in this situation,and the truth, nobody will ever wanted to be in this situation.
But sometimes inevitable things and situation that unwanted to be happen,suddenly happen.
We can able to fell the grieve and sorrow of those people that experience losing their love
ones in their lives and sudden farewell that within is so painful and hard to accept,
and when you will just imagine how hard it is,its amazing because some of the very sick
people survive and still fighting for life to have the normal life as healthy as it could and
if not that healthy 100%,some chooses just to have a bit of extended time to live, because
they wanted a bit of time to spend together with their love ones.

All of us people wishes just one simple wish that most of us are often wishing,is to be as
healthy in day by day and enjoy the normal life that all of us are always wanted and
prayed for,in my personal experience as a caregiver,i had learned a lot of things to
understand life,and it shaped me as a whole as human, and as a complete to understand
what life really mean,when my care giving days I was so very observant to all
of what is really happening inside the world of care giving, and there's a lot of lesson that
I learned and will always be a part of my life as a human and as a person also as a caregiver,
as a care provider in past,i encounter a lots of patient and different kinds of sickness that
the patient is into,and I witness all the hardship and how they keep on fighting to stay
alive and wishes always to be healthy. and to feel better and stay more time for their
family and love ones. and in those time,i really do all the best I can to help and be the
person that the patient can count on, and to talk to,and in my heart I truly considered my
patients is my best friend.

In my care giving days,i often wishes for a miracle for my patients to give them
more life to be with their family and love ones together and be happy to enjoy life.
there was a time when me and my patient as well as the family are down due to the
situation that hard to imagine that is really happening before our eyes, that aware of
what will be in next couple of days,and all the medical staff in the hospital are doing
all the best of what they could as well me as a caregiver,the situation of my patient is
complicated and the chances of surviving is so slim,the only thing to extend the life
of my patient is by miracle,and on that time I always sit beside of my patient bed in
the hospital to be with him and I always pray that my patient will receive the miracle
from above and I always asking GOD to give my patient a new life for them to be
happy and be together for extended period of time and how I wanted the family of
my patient to be happy,but sometime, time comes, for each and everyone of us and
when that time comes and if its hard to accept,one thing we must always put into,
acceptance, that its not on our hand,its all above and we must always learn to accept
and go on with our lives no matter how hard it is,that's what really life is,and acceptance
is always a part of our life.

And its my privileged to be part of the caregiver world, that in my life I was able to
be a part of those good people, to be as part of my heart and true to me and treated me
as one of their own family. The happy moments that me and my patient shared together
was the greatest moment that part of me as a person and in my whole being as human.
Until know I always have a time to think about my patient that loves me and the family
of the patient as well. and I truly do all my best to the maximum range of my abilities
to serve and be one of their family that care and love them.     BY: J.LE


Key to good care for the patient is always the one of the vital goal of the caregiver
to give to the patient,good services and good relationship between the caregiver as
well for the patient,in care giving,there are lots of vital things to be always taken
into responsibilities as a caregiver,at the first time, the caregiver and patient met
there will be hesitant in each other moves,this is part of the adjustment period
for both, and the caregiver must to do the best move to gain the trust of the patient
and as well as the family of the patient,to be able to gain the trust of the patient and
family of the patient,one thing that always an important and always the vital aspect
of good caregiver is honesty and openly for all ways as well as being responsible
and can be trusted in all matters regarding medical treatment and as a whole,often
bear in mind that in care giving career there will be always an adjustment,as a care
provider,the ability to be flexible is always on the table to be taken into important
task, and have the preparedness at all times to adjust in all situation that will be on
the way,always remember that as a caregiver you are doing such very important rule
for the patient as a whole,and always work that comes from your heart,because patient
always can sense what deep in you as a caregiver.

Just be yourself as who you are as a person, that giving the best care and a honest
person that always can be trusted in all ways and in emergency situation,always be
responsible in all you do regarding the duties and responsibilities at all times and
always be creative to divert a situation from negative to a positive mode,this all
is very important in care giving,being what you are and working from your heart
that give the best care for the patient,not just because you are just doing your
responsibilities as a caregiver, but always do your job that comes from the heart,
and loving your patient as one of your own family. Sometimes there will be a
patient that hate almost all person that surrounded with him/her and always hated
anybody,that's why I always said that as a caregiver always be flexible and open
minded on any situation that will be ahead on your ways, because situation that
will be on your way as a caregiver is always challenging and always different
situation from one way to the other and this is always happening in care giving
world,always understand what will be the situation and not to take it personal
when sometime some patient hurting the feelings of the caregiver because sometimes
some patient doesn't know what they do, and its not intentional that sometimes
they said bad word to the caregiver, and if taken personal, it will be a negative effect
in caregiver feelings as a person and this will be include emotional,physical,mental
health problem in the future for the caregiver.

Always be open minded and truly understand what is the meaning of the caregiver
before entering into,because care giving career is always challenging and stressful but
all of this thing can be manage wisely for the good sake of your own as a caregiver.
Key to good care giving is included a huge WIDE in all matters as a whole in care
giving job.






June 15, 2011


Smart Caregiver,what will be the quality that smart caregiver possessed and how
they contributed in care giving world, and in care giving, all the task and duties
that a caregiver must to perform every single day and again and again in daily task,
all this matters can be able to learn by anybody,this included as medical procedure that
include bed bathing,monitoring,treatment responsibilities and all others stuff that
involve in care giving obligation for caregiver.
A Smart caregiver is always creative and finding ways to make the easiest way
and comfortable for both patient and the caregiver itself,and the most that a
smart caregiver has is the innermost understanding on who the patient is and easily
detect the personality and read the mind or as a whole well being of the patient,this
type of quality that must to be multiply to double, because of the needs globally for
caregiver services,a smart caregiver knows how to navigate and divert the situation
when negative flow is on the way,and finding the positive flow to roll in the way.

A smart caregiver is always has the focus on the goal treatment for the good sake
for the patient and patient family as well as a whole so to speak,making thing much
more easily and living the normal mode as much as it could and this positive attitude
is one of the good and beauty of a smart caregiver.

A Smart caregiver that doesn't mean that a caregiver is expert in figures,and other
stuff that can be considered as a smart or genius,smart care giving is with the coordination
of the mind and heart on how to understand the true innermost feelings of the patient and
what is the best possible ways to make the patient happy and with the mind and
heart coordination,easily the caregiver can truly understand the patient needs in the
deepest well being and as a whole.         BY: J.LE


Caregiver in this days are making the difference globally,specially for Filipinos
care provider,in years has past, Filipino caregiver is one of the largest caregiver
provider globally due to its good care,patience,and hospitable culture that
brought the Filipino caregiver into in demand and has known for the good
services and well trained caregivers,if you will ask one of them about their
own experiences as a caregiver there will be a huge and interesting experiences
that they can share and one thing for sure they made the difference.

Around the globe,if you will see a care home,nursing home,home for the aged
and private home that need a caregiver,you can be sure that there will be a Filipinos
caregivers,in this days Filipinos caregivers is in demand,and before one can be
qualified as a caregiver,one must undergo a training to enhance and have the basic
skill as a caregiver this include such as medical procedure and all the vital duties
that a caregiver will be in daily work in actual situation.

Touching live of other and making the difference by means of helping patient
that need the good care and quality care,and maintaining the good and best
care that the patient needs,and when we say touching others lives that doesn't
mean that when you do all the duties and your touching others lives like the
patient family and the patient as well,but it comes from the innermost of the
patient heart and patient family. this can be felt within the heart of the caregiver,
and the patient and patient family will fell it naturally if the caregiver is a special
one,not just because he/she a caregiver but in personality as a person.

Caregiver that touches the heart of the patient and family of he patient is a
special case that seldom can be happen,to make it short,touching lives of others
is something special that has from someone in personality that truly ones has
in heart and being a good person and doing all the task and duties that comes
within the heart naturally and given to someone voluntarily is one of a kind
personality,and this good personality that some caregiver possess with all the skills
and professionalism and good personality,this type of caregiver is a treasure for
the patient and as well as for the patient family. its something that can be said
that, there's a lot of good apple in the box but there will be always few that has
the special quality as apple.

There's a lot of good caregiver but few are special one and can always
touch the lives of others in different aspect in life and this good personality is
a treasure for the patient and as well as for the family of the patient.   BY: J.LE

June 14, 2011


Tips in maintaining good hygiene for caregiver,in day to day or daily routine
as a caregiver,good hygiene is very important for both patient and the caregiver as
well,because GOOD HEALTH can be achieved by means of good hygiene and 
healthiness start in cleanliness,not just in care giving or for the caregiver and the 

patient good health but for all of us,we all know that prevention is better that cure
and we must always do our responsibilities for our own good sake,there are various
kinds of sides that we can considered as things to be always clean,such as the food
we eat,the clothes that we wear,the water that we drink,and specially to all our body

parts and skin etc. this things is some of the very important to be care and have to be
stay and maintained clean and as much as we could.

In Care giving,the caregiver must at all times take the responsibilities to maintained the
good hygiene or cleanliness of the surrounding in all parts of the patient house,or when in
care home, the caregiver must maintained the cleanliness of the patient room as much as
possible daily, usually in care homes there will be a cleaner that on scheduled to do the
cleaning of the patient room but its just once a week and although there's someone to clean
that doesn't mean is enough to maintained the good hygiene for both patient and caregiver,
as a caregiver, at all times must be responsible for the good healthiness of own self and
as well as for the patient, by maintaining the cleanliness at all times and as a whole.

The places and things that usually needs a good and maintained of cleanliness and
good hygiene is the kitchen,refrigerator,foods, clothes,bed room,faucet,plates,fork,
spoons,linen,bed, etc. in generally speaking the caregiver must be smart or wise enough
to know where is the usual spot that need for good hygiene,also the cleanliness of the
patient and caregiver must always be maintained,such as the nails for both caregiver and
the patient,and if the patient has the false teeth this must be always maintain to be clean
by washing it carefully and the oral hygiene for both patient and caregiver as well.

As a caregiver,one thing that is very important to make it as a habit for good health, is
always at all times when engaging or performing the daily task,hence. if the patient has
a wound and the caregiver must everyday to dress it up and put some medication on
the wound,the caregiver must always bear in mind always, wash your hand before and
after the treatment and always wear examination gloves to protect your hand from
any harmful bacteria or microorganism that can cause of some unwanted health
problem if taken for granted,always bear in mind as a caregiver,always keep your
hands clean at all times because this will be very vital help in maintaining a good
health and hygiene for both the patient and caregiver.

Situation is always depend on what the condition of the patient and what is the
daily task and duties of the caregiver,the important things to always bear in mind
is always make the habit of washing your hands as needed to keep it free from any
harmful effect, such bacteria and microorganism, that can cause health problem,
sometimes can lead to serious health problem if taken for granted.


June 13, 2011


Self care for caregiver is the first priority for a caregiver to take responsibility
for own self as a caregiver,we know that a caregiver job is draining and if we
said draining,its involve the whole well being of the caregiver,this draining impact
can affect the emotional,physical,spiritual and psychological well being of a
caregiver as a whole. When draining impact is explode within the caregiver
well being,this could cause some health problem,to avoid or prevent this impact,
the caregiver must always take sometime to have a bit of space for him/her self
to know where he/she stand,and to be able to coup up with stress,such as emotional
and physical,caregiver must often figure what is really important for the patient
and one thing is to take care of own self,because if the caregiver doesn't able to
take the responsibility to take care of her/his own self,how could the caregiver
give the good care for the patient. The first priority of the caregiver is a must always
be in mind at all times and not be taken for granted,the own health care.

As a caregiver,one thing is to stay fit and always find time to energize back as
much as possible as it could,care giving job is always stressful job but it can be
manage and well executed by means of time management and handling the task
and duties smartly and effective,always have the plan to manage the daily task and
in smart planning,always find the easiest way to perform the daily task but the same
result with the previous way,as a caregiver,you must always have the space prepared
for learning,always learn day by day and finding the easy and effective solution for
all the hard task and pressure task,learn to control your feeling when it comes to
emotional,and the important to it, learn to find ways how to release the negative flow
and divert it into positive charge,its always case to case basis when comes to care
giving job and its not always the same what will be the daily task of a caregiver but
the important is,the caregiver must always be flexible and knows how to deal with
emotional stress,physical stress and all other negative flow that ahead of the way.

Healthiness and well fit to do all the vital responsibilities for the patient,this is very
important for the caregiver to take always the responsibility for own self,because if
the caregiver is healthy,all the best in maximum treatment for the patient can be done
properly and both the patient and caregiver is healthy in day by day.      BY J.LE


Handle with care,there's such a huge meaning when we say the phrase handle with
care,the common type of meaning that we used to, is,handling with care due to the fact
that,whether a thing,a living organism or a person,is in need of careful handling in various
reason. why?.
In things, when we say handle with care is,due to its fragile contained or sensitivities
within the quality of such thing,and needed to be handle with such care to avoid a
possible damage.
In care giving job,handle with care is always been the goal of the caregiver to give
all the best good care for the patient,when it comes to care giving job,there are always
a lots of angle to considered as a caregiver,first thing is,always and always to understand
the patient condition and knowing deep enough on what the personality of he patient.
Personality of the patient is not always the same and due to patient illness and condition
there are always negative characteristics that sometimes can be hurting the feeling of the
caregiver,hence,when a patient is saying something that hurt the feelings of the caregiver
example,if the patient is angry of his/her condition and not cooperating with the treatment
and not allowing the caregiver to do the task because the patient wanted to be alone,in this
case,its a natural feeling for the patient,its not intentionally done and due to health condition
its natural,and as a caregiver don't take it personal,just be open minded to understand what
really the reason why the patient is on that point. if we just really understand and truly open
our mind,its not that easy for the patient to be on that situation,and no one will ever wish
to be on that position. we can always put our feet in their situation and fully understand
how hard it is,specially when the patient is well active before and suddenly due to some
unfortunate reason that put the patient on that hard condition to accept and the patient can
see the wheel chair and all the medical devices,psychological is bothering a lot for the
patient mental and well being as well.

As a caregiver, its part of the job as caregiver,do all the best to give the good care giving and
find the ways to gain the trust of the patient and let the patient feel that you as a caregiver
is the person that he/she can count on and can be trusted as a friend,do all the best to help
the patient as much as possible,always bear in mind that,if you do all the best and do all
the good treatment and treat the patient as if is your father,mother,brother and a best friend
and handling it with a care that comes from your heart naturally as one that can understand.
the patient will feel it naturally and slowly will accept you as the person that he/she can
count on and the person that will be there always to help as a best friend,it'll take time
but as soon the patient feels your good care and concern to help him/her to restore the
strength back and the way you treat good of her/him,no matter what his/her condition,
all will be in good place and you'll just noticed that the trust and care also the cooperation
regarding the treatment is already flowing smoothly and the foundation is already been
in place and developed a good relationship as a caregiver and patient and can be often
the good result that the patient and caregiver is the best of friend.         BY:J.LE

June 10, 2011


Communication,is the way to build a good relationship in all aspect in our
day by day living,and this simple word can do a vast of good outcome specially
when it comes to building a good relationship,whether a friend relationship or
business partner,husband and wife communication,relatives communication or
whatsoever,communication is the key to connect to others,whether sharing an
ideas,discussion,mail,email,chat, etc. there's a huge of useful outcome in our
lives by means of communication,and in fact,communication that connects us
all in this days,through internet,and internet put us all in close distances to be
one, and as easy as one click to connect what ever the range of the distance that
apart us before.now through internet communication,all have been change and 
made the world as one.

In care giving,communication is very important in daily task or duties,and as
a caregiver,communication is always be the part of treatment for the patient,
and not just communicating by means of asking the patient the daily and
common question,like did you eat,good morning,I'll cook,I'll give you a bath,
in general I mean,the common way,and after that good night,then the same
thing for tomorrow,its not enough,and its not the way to communicate for
good, to help the patient in treatment,good communication means good
bonding and connection,and with this good communication and connection,
the treatment,medication,and etc. will be as easy as we can imagine,with this
good two tools,the caregiver can build a very well attachment to the patient
heart and as a whole,and all the basic treatment and various task and duties
will be as smooth as sailing in the silent river.

Communication and connection is always the key in all aspects and angles
in our lives not just in care giving but in all parts of our lives,and it'll start
from our very own home and in our job,friends and all, as in generally speaking.

Through good communication and good connection,we are always building
a stable bridge that last and well attached to the ground and closeness
to each others lives, this good result will be achieved when one makes the
good communication and good connection.and with this two keys,
if done if properly and with heart,we can touch peoples lives and
trust will be given to the worthy one, that can be a result of good
friendship as best of friends,and well attached to others heart.      BY:J.LE