June 3, 2011


There are always two side in our life experiences,one is the good moments and
the other is the bad moments,it can also be said as the positive side nor the negative,
this two is always one way to the other,whether the other comes first or the opposite.
But one thing for sure to tell is,this is how we live,we people are always learning,
as we get older, we never stop learning,but the good thing on it is,we always learned
from our bad experiences,in this way often,we able to adjust or fix,our mistake in
life,to be able to live more near accurate,because no one is perfect,the only thing is
to learn to accept our mistake so that,we able to live more comfortable and continue
to learn, more and more in a way of improving our life, as human.

Bad moments, that a caregiver ever experience is,stress,bored in doing things or task
repeatedly in day by day,home sick for foreign caregiver worker,non stop Pity to
our love ones,watching the suffering or finding so hard in the situation and the disabilities
of the patient specially if the patient is our love one, if the caregiver is member of the
family. This is the natural feelings that human has,all of us has the bad moments in life,
and is a process to tackle and fight for it to face the next day and move forward to be
able to live in a normal mode,there is never ending story in each and very one of us, in
terms of ones various bad experiences in life,as I have said is the process of learning to
accept, no matter how hard it is,we all must to move on and find the ways at all times,
to shape our life for the better.

as a caregiver,its hard to see the family of the patient specially the patient itself,in the situation that no one wanted to happen or ever dreamed of,we must always stay tougher as we could no matter what,
bad moments for caregivers usually when the caregiver sees the suffering of the patient,and the hard moments of the family,this is also hard for the caregiver,even not a caregiver, when you see a person suffering from a disease or illnesses,disabilities or other various kinds of hard situation, that put the patient into suffering, and as well for the family,and it is also very hard for the caregiver,in day by day watching the situation and doing all the duties,with a person that suffers everyday. Specially if the caregiver is well attached to the patient and family of the patient.
the caregiver truly knows the deep suffering of the patient its because, the caregiver is always with the patient in all task daily. in this case the caregiver is also finding it hard, as a caregiver,your very vital task, aside from the daily routine,is to help the patient to stay on track to be happy, and bring the color into his/her life as to live and enjoy the normal life. no matter what the situation that the patient into,do all the best to make the family happy,to the maximum that you can. as a caregiver.connection and attachment deeply to the patient heart and the patient family, is to be able to do it naturally in helping all, to color their life back.do all the best for them and giving them the good quality services as one of the family. work from your heart and do it with all of your heart as a caregiver. then all the hardship will fade and the wounds from their heart will vanish,in a slow and steady process.love them as one of your family and you will gain it back from them the same way.

The good moment of the caregiver,is when the caregiver efforts and all the abilities to help the patient bring back to the normal track, is very full filling and so wonderful in innermost feeling, within the heart of the caregiver,its very outright fulfillment and great happiness within when a caregiver sees the fruits of his/her labor, in giving the helping hand to the patient to recover, and get back in track slowly and steady, specially when the caregiver sees and felt the happiness of the patient family. restore their smile and the life of a joyful family ,is a good moment as a caregiver,and in fact,it is so great to treasure it within the heart,not only because as a caregiver but as human that can truly understand the situation and willingness always to do the best possible ways to bring the patient back on track, and helping bring the color that was faded,as a caregiver and human in nature, always do all the best in all ways, as a best friend of the patient that he/she can count on,and making the family happy,the joy that you can't ever imagine in helping and lifting up a person that lost the color in life, and with you as a caregiver and with the help of them all above, nothing is impossible. BY:J.LE