May 20, 2011


Caregiver Work!what do caregiver do? Caregiver work in common definition is to take care of someone that need an often attention regarding medication,physical exercises or other treatment that needed daily for the person that needs the special and often attention in maintaining the regular treatment and all other important duties to give the best treatment for
a person with a condition of disabilities,old age,Alzheimer or other types of sickness that need an special attention,it can also be one of the family member of the sick or other kind of sickness that need a treatment sometimes the caregiver is a member of the family or either the son or daughter or other member of the family, that due to some reason they took care of the sick member of the family is called a caregiver, to make it short,anyone that taking care and do responsibilities to a needed sick person, one that monitor the medication treatment for the sick person or patient,and being there to guide and maintaining the good health environment.

If someone decide to step into the world of care giving whether a career or taking care of your love ones nor member of the family due to various reason or sickness that needed much attention in day to day basis,you must to open your heart and mind before engaging into,first thing to considered as one aspect of care giving is patience, a lots of patience to be ready in place and one must accept to understand the situation that you are into,and always have the space to learn new things regarding medical devices or such other things that essential to care giving task. the task of care giving in regards to medical task can be learn by anyone by means of training,before a someone decided to work as a caregiver there will be a requirements to complete, one is the certificate of training for caregiver course,this means that the caregiver must undergo a training regarding medical procedures that a caregiver needed to have knowledge before working as a care provider. caregiver must to be open minded to understand what will be the actual case of the patient and flexible to adapt it, so that the caregiver and the patient will be comfortable in doing the treatment with consideration,in this case the patient will open the door for the caregiver to allow the treatment to receive it comfortably and connect to the caregiver and give trust too. At first is not that easy and not just in caregiver, in all aspect of any career you will start from lowest point and way go to the top. its a challenging experience but its a great feeling within afterward.

If you don't have a huge patient within you, caregiver is not the career for you,in care giving,all those daily task can be learn by anyone,such as feeding bathing,medication,physical exercises to boost the physical strength for the patient or massages,diapering etc. all this task can be learn,the most vital part of care giving is how you connect deeply to the patient heart,knowing the patient much more deeper and it'll bounce to you back deeper, that the patient also connect to you deeply as well,something that both patient and caregiver building the good foundation as best friends that open to each other. patient always has different characteristics and all of us too,this will be a challenging for a care provider to find the good
spot to have the place in the heart of the patient,this will take time for both patient and caregiver to reach the this point but time and connection to both will tell the progress,constant
communication is very important,as a caregiver you will be always the first to engage the communication,senses will follow and all the good things for both as well will flow smoothly.

Just work with heart and always be very patience because the more patience you have the very good result will be for both patient and caregiver,to have the good connection and build the
friendship as well comfortable to each other in all ways as if you know each other for a long time and as if you're a member of the family and not just a caregiver doing the job but as one
of the family of the patient that given the caregiver the trust and it'll be wonderful place for all
the member of the family because they're happy what you contributed to the family to give them the good time spending together with their father, mother,son, daughter or brother
whatsoever the connection in family, just always remember that laughter is the natural medicine to combat stress, sickness,depression etc. as a caregiver do all the best to make the
family happy and the patient as well and you as a caregiver will be happy within as well of the
good result that you have done for the family. that's the caregiver essence and making the difference. BY:J.LE


May 17, 2011


First and foremost i would take the privilege to thank you for reading my article,as we move on to our topic the CAREGIVER LIFE. maybe some thinking for now how interesting the life of a caregiver and how much they're essential in the lives of our beloved senior citizens and likewise to those in need for a caregiver.

caregiver in general its serve in all ages that those in need and most likely to those patient that need someone to be with him or her in all times,whether a senior,child,teen. etc. in a long run when a patient need someone to care for them and someone that can give them the importance and companionship as well as in terms of medical routine daily and can perform as an all around caregiver as well that a patient can count on anytime specially in times of emergency situation. 

all the obligation and responsibilities of a caregiver always involve flexibilities as a caregiver but the main and vital responsibilities include such as.

1)hygiene constantly for both the patient as well as the caregiver.

2)always be presence of mind specially in terms of sensitive medical procedure, daily duties that involve a great care and focus.

3)dietary balance not just only for the patient as well as for the caregiver. both must be healthy and always on the go.

4)working with heart in a ways,understanding where you're standing and always put yourself in their shoe and imagine how hard could be if it will be reversed.

5)let friendship flow between you and the patient as trust comes after.

6)be always alert in times of emergency situation to be able to focus and perform the first aid effectively to save life.

7)honest,loyalty,flexible,understanding,caring all that make both patient and caregiver live life happy and likewise to the relative's and family of the patient. the caregiver must posses and able to adopt all the essential ways on how to make life easy and comfortable for both the patient as well for the caregiver itself, to be fulfilled in his or her duty as a caregiver.

life of a caregiver is not that simple as we think and to those caregiver and former caregiver we all know how hard it is, isn't it.not in means of daily task because anybody can learn all the household job,i mean it involve a lots of patience and understanding the situation of the patient, why or what makes the patient irritable,what the patient don't like and likes,what need to do to make the patient happy and how to manage the situation to put in neutral mode and make it normal day by day to make things much easier to both the patient and the care giver.etc. well is case to case basis and each caregiver had their own experience and with themselves they can able to tell how is it to be a caregiver in their own thoughts.
i wrote this article thinking that i can express likewise my deep understanding on how life nor what is the life of a caregiver,back then in my days as a caregiver it wasn't so easy at first but as time past by, slowly i adjusted and truly understand what really is a caregiver,that's the time eagerly me wanted more to go deep in the world of care giving. well if you really love what you do and willing to learn and understand deeply, always there's a room for people wanting to learn and look ways always to be successful in all field,no matter how hard it is, if one is willing and have the guts to tackle all obstacle then all will be in good result.

in care giving job you must always willing to learn and to understand the people that you taking care of,and be able to flex yourself always and capable of handling new task and always have a space to learn more and truly understand all kinds of patient in all ages and creatively give them the unique care that naturally came inside in your heart that both caregiver and the patient will be happy and for the caregiver to have the fulfillment and make a difference in your whole life.    WRITTEN BY: J.LE

May 7, 2011


 Caregiver as we knew and some of us does not, some said its a hard job and some said its an easy and worth it. well its an opinion and their vision on how they understand what's the meaning in their own thoughts its a freedom to express and voice out what one's felt,i was a former caregiver in career and that's why i decided to write this simple thought and experience and how i understand the truth about
nor beyond the caregivers world.i just want to give the acknowledgment to all caregiver in all parts of the world and the dedication to their career i salute you all fellow caregiver around the world giving their service around the clock 24/7 and to signify the image of the caregiver caregiver mean's in term is to care a patient and to monitor all his or her needs and keeping a safe environment and
hygiene and a good hygiene means good health and all agreed on that, essence means in term quality and quality depends on who's the caregiver and how a caregiver handle's all the pressure in daily basis task and to focus the needs and being responsible in all action that must make and be made,all these quality must be a package and be understood.
  Care giving career is a great challenge in all means and is not an easy career,why, it's because you are dealing life and life must be handle in full of care and responsibility that make all thing's in set and that's why it's not that simple as we think but its a matter of gaining experiences and learning to deal with it as day goes by and learning to adjust the way of living on who is your patient and flexing to all task and new task that you encounter and learn from it and apply it next time all the good and best way's to be able a good caregiver.

     Care and to be care is a vice versa if you want to be care back so give a good care giving service  and you'll be rewarded for all the goodness that you made,as we all knew that if you want to be care and love give same as well and the respect will come and you will developed a foundation of good relationship,is not just in care giving job but in all aspect in our life if you want people will respect and care for you you must to give it same way and vice versa. i learn a lot in my day's of care giving and its so amazing and the joy that i felt when i make a family happy that makes me so happy and fulfill,is on how you handle it and i know that a big percentage of caregiver has a smile on their face and thinking  the same as i did,my article is just a short and simple but i promise you will be touch and think that is so rewarding to be a caregiver despite of all the hardship of work then again you gain a heart felting and happy experience because you handle it and you deal with it for worthy result and you will be able to understand thoroughly what really the meaning of a true caregiver.experience and be a part on how old people lives and be their inspiration to enjoy life to the fullest and guide them to a better life in their old way's of life as well those in in child care and disable patient bring them the color of life and make them happy and give them the care that they deserve and the joy of being human as a normal human being because all of us are the same and we all must to be happy, if they're happy we are also as well.




          ''Rights'' wherever we are is a must, no matter what status of, on how a person live whether a low class,middle class, rich or very rich all of us must treated equal as a thing to bear in our mine that as a caregiver.
you always must to know your rights and freedom as a caregiver,in cases that you noticed that there
are certain reason and its against your rights as a caregiver you can decide and follow all the necessary steps to stand  for your rights as a caregiver,there are always an agencies that protects the rights of the caregiver as well the patient in fair manner,those agencies are known for years in hiring caregiver and to
produce for the employer that qualified one and fitted to both the caregiver and employer,before engaging the contract between the employer and caregiver, they first match well and blend them well, to match the likeness and compatibility in both parties,and the middle man is the agency, that always protects both caregiver and the employer.and keeping things always in place if there any foul in both parties that need to arrange and to talk nor discuss,the agencies are always available by calling their office to set for discussion what to do the best ways to both our discussion is always case to case basis,one thing in mind that we always remember whether you are a caregiver or not or whatsoever your job is,there is always a regulation and rights that stated in our laws for all of us, because we all must to be treated equal and fair.
           there is always a written document's provided for both parties that stated all the rights and laws for both caregiver and employer to protect both in any ways to avoid any complication in days to come,both caregiver and employer must to agreed and sign to and not to violate the rights and laws for the caregiver likewise to the employer as well,always remember that you must always to know your rights and from time to time you can review the contract and see if there's any act against the agreement and laws for both caregiver as well as for the patient and look after what the next step to do,and the agency will arrange all the effective ways to help you as a caregiver and you as a patient or is all the primary and practical step to ask for an advice and  have a set time to discuss it to the agency and they will do the helping hand to help and  give an advice what to do next to make things fixed for both parties.   BY: J.LE


 What is care home? a care home is a home for all senior citizens that just build and design for old people wanting to join the community for their own likeness and usually old people in care home are mostly retired and all of the old people living in care home as a community that likely has their own city
within the compound they had their own small market that supplied what they need in their daily basis also clinics for regular checkups and doctor's as well nurses are always
standing by for medical checkups including blood test, general check up,blood pressure monitoring,urine test,etc.and doctors and nurses are always on duty 24/7 in case of emergency situation.caregiver duties in care home is to
always accompanying the patient when there is an activities for the community like film showing,theater,various program that compose of singing concert, dancing,masses and there are times they set for yoga and tai chi for those who wants to join.there is also program's that compose just for men and just for women like a changing ideas to enhance their brain to be active and to be expose in their community,each member has their own unit and to those in need of caregiver the caregiver stay with the patient in their unit all the time to monitor the patient.
   in caregiver job its depend on where they are located what country and culture as well as religious holidays are granted also for the caregiver, holidays and day off during weekend in some country, the holidays,day off,vacation and all other benefits is granted to the caregiver on where the caregiver originated and if the caregiver is a foreign worker all the benefits depend on their contract that they agreed and sign in to home duties for the caregiver is mostly if the patient is capable on attending the desired activities, so at all times the caregiver will accompany the patient and always near to the patient in a way that when the patient needs something and not feeling well immediately the caregiver can responds quickly to the situation.and instantly
calls for help or push or press the emergency alarm near the area,effectively and quickly as to save lives of the patient,there are some activities that involve the patient  he or she wanted to join what they choose to,like painting,ceramics,carpenter work,gardening this serve as a hobby as well as keeping the patient active in physical and mental  health status,the care homes offer also a card games free for all who wants to join and to socialize in  the community,computer lesson,lobby for meeting friends to have some conversation,library for the patient to choose all kind of book,magazines etc.the caregiver is always on the side of the patient keeping the patient safe and monitored at all time whether in activities time nor in their unit or room, it will be constantly, the patient will be accompanied by the caregiver at all times.
making report's regarding the status of the patient to submit to the doctor's and nurses and making all things in good result for the patient daily. to monitor well the health status of the patient,care homes make things for old people in one package, in short, what they want and what they need it is provided, just near in their door step and a walking distance,exercising by walking inside the compound of care home with the caregiver beside and the caregiver engage the good and happy conversation while walking, going to the market or just walking around the garden, the caregiver always beside the patient keeping the patient safe at all times.          BY: J.LE

May 6, 2011


    First and foremost.practical way and the easy way or the short cut method that apply effectively and intelligently are the most common approach to achieve a good result sometimes it can be great.child care with an illness condition or disabilities etc.that need for a caregiver to handle all task and duties are commonly a challenging either hard task depending on patient behavior and attitude and as a caregiver,
all task and medical duties that a caregiver trained to comply their certificate as a caregiver as well all the training that regards in medical procedure including medicine, hygiene,household,monitoring vital sign etc.that involves check up and doctor instruction and nurses as well,all that can be learn and practice and further need to be sharpen to perform all duties
effectively in day by day,but the most vital part of being a caregiver is,on how you deal with all of your patience and patient attitude and is not an easy task nor duties dealing various attitude,in child care usually a caregiver must know and how to make the situation in good mode when the patient is a child,first thing to deal is the tantrum as this is common for a child.a caregiver must to think intuitively and always be wisely to slowly make all the possible way to gain the trust of the patient so that its easy to do all the daily the child slowly give the trust and feel that the caregiver is a best friend of his or her that's the time the connection comes and flow smoothly as day's goes by.
            Tantrum can be dealt with a lot of patience and giving the great care that comes from the heart as a caregiver.anybody as a person when you feel that someone is true to you and making all things possible to help you and always there to give you the extended hand not just only a caregiver but as a true friend, that the patient can count fact.being a caregiver is being a human that care for a person that need attention and great care and as a human being we must to feel the reason constantly why & when the patient has a tantrum causing to shout or something to hurt someone feelings specially as a a caregiver we must to take note at all times that it is not intentionally done by the patient, a caregiver must to understand it and fill the tank for more patience in days to come. giving all the best care and understanding always help in the end to build a good relationship as a caregiver and as a patient to be both happy likewise to the family of the patient.
child care is rewarding when good relationship to both patient and caregiver build stronger,flexibility in all field always required,in child care being flexible take some time to play and to enter the world again of childhood  world to make the patient happy and for the caregiver as well too.
      in child care making the situation much easier daily is to build the good connection to the patient and the advantage in childcare is the caregiver always fell younger and younger everyday.once more take a note
build a good relationship and a great connection,understanding in all ways for the patient then both patient and caregiver is happy and the family of the patient.    BY:J.LE


  Information and ways on how to give a good care for an old patient.there's a Lot's of way on how to give the best and effective care for old patient, just always bear in mind that dealing an old patient is a tricky task and its depend on ones characteristic and attitude in truth.
 as a caregiver as i mention on previous pages that as a caregiver you must always be flexible and understandable in all situation,in that way you can figure it the easy way to manage or handle the situation flowing much easier that you imagine,some old people are irritable and sad,some are good approachable and easily to have a good conversation at any time. these characteristic and mode to some old people is
depend on their case or condition, is a case to case basis and they don't intentionally do it to make the caregiver fell that they don't like someone to care for them or rejection to the caregiver,its on the hands of the caregiver to wisely understand it, as if you're putting  their shoes in you're feet.they usually felt uneasy and hopeless because of their situation and condition ,and to understand it further in a long run,that's why they need someone to understand them and to be with them
as their best friend to lift them up to live a normal life despite of their condition,to be their extended hand and feet to move on with a happy life day by day.if  they will feel it that a caregiver is worth and honestly and caring for them with all of heart they can sense it and the result will be amazing for both the caregiver as well as the old patient.first thing to keep in mind constantly is understand them and be wise to put a lot of effort to find the way on how the patient will have and engage the connection to you as a caregiver,and as the time comes that the connection started. daily task will be as easy as the same that your are taking care of your own grandfather or grandmother. this article that i wrote is a natural way on how to manage various attitude of old patient and is really worth and effective as we are taking care for our own love ones, applying it the same with all of our heart.bear in mind that if you love your job and you love doing it the sum will be great and caregiver career its always involve heart because your dealing life and time is precious for all patient to enjoy and live a normal life and as a caregiver be their for them to help them to succeed on it not just only a caregiver doing the responsibilities to give the services to the patient but to make a difference to help and feel the happiness in heart to treasure it as a good thing that you have done to your patient but as their best friend.      WRITTEN BY: J.LE

May 5, 2011


1) A Good caregiver must possess a good ethics and able to solve the problem or emergency situation in a right time and in a right place to save lives like a first aider,that can handle such pressure in all responsibilities that must to dealt in and a lots of patience is a must.  

May 4, 2011


C = Comfort - to give comfort physically,emotionally &
mentally. To encourage,to give Aid.


May 2, 2011


When we say sacrifice, there will be a lot of meaning,what sacrifices that we are sure to sacrifices. Choices often miss understood and sometimes lead to mistake,of what we intend to sacrifice,meaning of such word SACRIFICE is always around the corner of all living things,
specially to us human. we can see the example of bird during winter time,rainy season or such situation that risk the mother bird life to look for a food for all of her baby birds because of the

love and concern,she will take the risk no matter how risky is,the mother bird will give all her best to sacrifice for all the baby birds she loves. Effort sometime failed,because not all bird will survive. sacrifices will be resulting to unworthy but the important thing!she did all her best. this is the facts that we must to accept,that not all effort and sacrifices is successful and worth it. even though all the best of any persons sacrifices, each one has their own reason why they're willing to sacrifice for someone they loved and cared, inevitably sometimes not worth
sacrificing,i will first and foremost drop the not worth sacrificing. Not worth sacrificing is often more painful and much complicated in a reason that,some people sacrifice & not been really done it in a right way for the person that they sacrificing, & not worthy of, to receive the sacrifice,they don’t mind either the value of it and to acknowledge it in a whole heart way,but we can't blame those people did the mistake,because is not the mistake of the one that gave the sacrifice, but the one that not worthy to receive it. unintentionally made or intentionally, just being unaware to who the receiver is, if its worthy to receive it or not. All of us did or few of us didn't experience it. as we are diving deeper in our topic,you can ask yourself now what I am pointing out about,you either think that it doesn't make any sense at all,well. its not that simple to accept the facts that sometimes we sacrifice and unworthy unfortunately,but I am not saying that we must beware to sacrifice and not to trust the receiver, it just happen sometimes because not all are that good. as there is a saying that there’s a lot of fish in the ocean. Means, various characters and some are good and unfortunately some are bad and not worthy at all. is sad to say that some people that gave their sacrifices sometimes resulting to
a wasted effort.
We now enter to the world of caregiver that often made a lot of sacrifices in their daily basis life cycle as a caregiver in career. care giving it involve a lot of stress and often lead to illness if not properly manage all the stresses & problems. The sacrifices of a caregiver can't be seen, but possibly sense and just truly understand how hard it is, caregiver job or taking care of your love ones is also a care giving,not in career but doing it for your love one that needed constantly care such as medication and all treatment that involved in taking care for a patient or member of the family whether a disabled,sick or old etc.
that incapable of being alone to do all the daily task,and whether young or old they need often someone to be there to take care of them and watch their needs in general. like if one of the member of the family that unlucky due to various illness, they need a caregiver,whether you will hire a caregiver or you will do it yourself to take care for your love ones,sometimes few family preferred to take care of their own family member with disabilities or grandpa & grandma due to their old age their mobility is limited and sick, also if one of the member of the family has various health problem that involve for often attention.

if you ask a caregiver,one thing they will always answer, isn't that easy & the family of the patient can truly understand that logic,specially if they once also been into the situation being a caregiver for their love ones. sometimes some doesn't understand it,they always just do it just for the sake of treatment and medication and that’s fine for them,the important for them is that, they gave what is needed,the truth is no. patient with illness always need an attention and inner strength to let the patient combat all illnesses and whatsoever their situation. As a caregiver, is not just being paid for the services to be there for the patient at all time but to give all the best in inner encouragement to help the patient to be strong and overcome all the hardship,with the help of the caregiver, As a caregiver,always bear in mind that it not just doing your responsibilities and that’s enough,the patient needed much care than we think,the first thing that a caregiver must comply is to let the flow naturally by giving such wonderful care that the patient can inner feel the care that they deserve to. In care giving, the most important task that you made is providing inner strength and encouragement for the patient to move on and overcome all the hardship,in fact if we just understand and put our self in their situation and intuitively we understand how hard it is,that’s why some time few of patient is irritable and angry of their situation,this sign is naturally human and not to be discourage but to make it as a challenges as part of the job as a care provider the caregiver in this case,must wisely be flexible and to think the best possible way's to gain the patient trust and allow the treatment such as mentally,physically, emotionally and psychologically as well as medical treatment,all this mention must be balance for it is good for the patient rapid recovery and it helps a lot to overcome such illnesses or whatsoever the situation that a patient into. and that’s the time as a caregiver,you will slowly push the courage into the patient heart to help the patient to forget all the hardship and illness that bother the patient and combat it to overcome it and to move on as a normal person without illness psychologically. Because psychologically if the patient always think negatively due to his/her situation, it is not good for the patient health because anxiety allows the negative aspect's resulting to unhealthy living to anybody and it is always the reason why some doesn't know how they got the illnesses and how or what is the cause. Usually if a patient is anxious and problematic of his/her situation or being angry of his/her situation, the result will be annoying and it is not good for the health of the patient,so as a caregiver you can always divert it into a positive thinking by teaching the patient how to live a normal life not bothering the situation that he/she is actually into,always encourage the patient to be strong and inner strength can lead to a faster recovery and helps also to gain strength for the patient,it is not that easy but with patience the result will be as good as accomplishment not just in career as care provider but a good felt in your heart as a care provider that you yourself will always treasured it in your whole life not just a caregiver but as a human.

Caregiver is always a challenging career and as a caregiver, you constantly extend you hand to help the patient to overcome all the illnesses and hardship. treat the patient as your best friend,that he/she can count on you at all times. inner understanding and a lots of patience and you will make a difference. Chemistry that caregiver must to build for both of them and
patient, building the bridge to good communication and closeness as this can lead to a healthy relationship as a caregiver and patient and it helps a lot to healthier environment and rapid recovery for the patient,or lessen either can prevent to worse health status of the patient good chemistry or good relationship is very important if you are in the field of caregiver career. All that I mention above will not come quickly,caregiver must have a lots or much more patient reserved and all that patient will give you the good result before you knew it. The good thing if both caregiver and patient have the good communication and good relationship as caregiver and patient. both of you and the patient can truly understand what both felt and even a small matters you and the patient can both understand without speaking just by sense you know quickly what the patient means,that's we call inner trust like one of your love ones that so close to you or best friend that just both of you can understand.

Before a caregiver will qualify for the job,there will be an screening and matching for both side if the caregiver and patient is compatible to be together and the likeness and dislike will be both carefully understand and respecting and to abide the rules for both to avoid any conflict in future. agencies that provide a caregiver for those patient or family that need someone to for them or for their love ones either a social worker need a caregiver in care home, the agencies that provide a caregiver is responsible for all the processing before the caregiver start to work. Career as a caregiver is not easy as just taking care for the patient in all that he/she needed as you think, but as a caregiver you must truly understand that sometimes you must to sacrifice also leaving your family,this sacrifices is common to a foreign worker caregiver, working abroad across the sea to work as a caregiver,sample cases is Filipino
caregiver's that work abroad as a caregiver,there's a large percentage of Filipino caregiver
around the world. taking care for patient in various areas whether in hospital's,care home,nursing home or in a private residence of the patient whether live in caregiver or live out, we can see their sacrifices,specially if the caregiver is a father or a mother in their native
land,they will sacrifice to work abroad far with their love ones just to sustain their daily need's,they will give their best effort to take care for a patient and to care for their reputation as a caregiver,often homesick,eagerness to hug their kids and love ones, they'll overcome it whether they like it or not, they must put all aside and to give the best care for their patient. Its not that easy but worthy if the caregiver make their best and love the patient like their own and the trust will be to both patient and caregiver heart, they will be like a truly family
not in blood but in heart. The sacrifices of the caregiver will be worth it and made the difference.

the caregiver will be comfortable in his/her career as a caregiver and at the same time the caregiver sustain his/her family needs across the sea and the relationship of the patient and caregiver will be as best or great experience in both on their entire life, that both will treasure it,the patient and the caregiver as well as the family of both parties. Sacrifices of a caregiver is worth if the bonding and relationship of the patient and caregiver as well as the patient family matches and they treat the same way as one family and it is truly amazing and great experience for the caregiver and the patient and all people that around them, give and take ways for both parties and happiness will flow constantly. And its a worth sacrifice and wonderful experience for the caregiver & the patient that in their whole life they can treasure it specially those fantastic moment together. BY:J.LE