June 24, 2011


This responsibilities is vital and very important to take always into often in place
as to avoid any further serious problem that can cause from unwanted falling that
can lead to a various unwanted problem like permanent disabilities due to some
broken bones that cause from falling, and sometimes can lead to sudden death,
falling is one of the causes of death of some old people living without a caregiver,
and even inside home can possibly happen with a seconds,some old people fall in
bed and causes a lots of problem, and damage some parts of the body bones specially
the rib cage and if unfortunately,sometimes cause death due to falling head first,
and its depend on how the old person position when falling and there's a
lot of possibilities if a hard fall of an old person can cause any fracture to the bone
or perhaps broken,and in fact,most of the old people has a weak bone and even a
slight fall sometimes can cause a very serious matter.
Old patient is prone to falling,and must always taken into serious responsibilities
as a care provider,most of old people when walking,they're not lifting their feet in
making a step,instead they just slightly lifting and dragging it when they make a step
to walk,and it is dangerous when slipped,in this case,usually the social worker or
medical professional that monitor the patient health will recommend the family of
the old person to hired a caregiver to be with the old person at all times or someone
from the family to be with him/her grandfather or grandmother at all times,to prevent
future problem that cause from falling or slip,and one thing must be check is the shoe
of the old patient because sometimes shoe with excess inches before the old patient
toes,can also be the cause of unwanted falling or slipping.

And when the family decided as well as the patient to hire a caregiver,
as a caregiver in this case of the patient situation,the caregiver must always be
precaution on every step of the patient and always watch what will be on the way
of the patient steps,always avoid any obstruction from the patient steps or remove
any possible obstruction that can lead to falling or slipping,as a caregiver always
stay close to the patient sides and hold the patient shoulder and waist by controlling
the patient in moving forward faster,most of the old patient can't control their weight
and movement forward while walking and some of them they're not looking what
is on their way ahead,as a caregiver always find the best ways at all times to avoid
the patient from falling,and this responsibilities is must always taken to serious
matter and never let the patient walking alone and always stay alert because sometimes
some of the old patient never ask the caregiver to walk together or be with her/him
when walking,some of the old patient just walk whenever they what or wherever they
wanted,as a caregiver always be alert and responsible enough to do this vital task.

Always stay near or close at all times to the patient, and in this task, a caregiver will
need a lots of patience to handle this kind of task because most of the old patient they
move slow due to their age,just always bear in mind that always think in advance
for the safety of the patient to prevent any future problem,as we always know that
prevention is much better than cure.          BY :J.LE