May 7, 2011


 Caregiver as we knew and some of us does not, some said its a hard job and some said its an easy and worth it. well its an opinion and their vision on how they understand what's the meaning in their own thoughts its a freedom to express and voice out what one's felt,i was a former caregiver in career and that's why i decided to write this simple thought and experience and how i understand the truth about
nor beyond the caregivers world.i just want to give the acknowledgment to all caregiver in all parts of the world and the dedication to their career i salute you all fellow caregiver around the world giving their service around the clock 24/7 and to signify the image of the caregiver caregiver mean's in term is to care a patient and to monitor all his or her needs and keeping a safe environment and
hygiene and a good hygiene means good health and all agreed on that, essence means in term quality and quality depends on who's the caregiver and how a caregiver handle's all the pressure in daily basis task and to focus the needs and being responsible in all action that must make and be made,all these quality must be a package and be understood.
  Care giving career is a great challenge in all means and is not an easy career,why, it's because you are dealing life and life must be handle in full of care and responsibility that make all thing's in set and that's why it's not that simple as we think but its a matter of gaining experiences and learning to deal with it as day goes by and learning to adjust the way of living on who is your patient and flexing to all task and new task that you encounter and learn from it and apply it next time all the good and best way's to be able a good caregiver.

     Care and to be care is a vice versa if you want to be care back so give a good care giving service  and you'll be rewarded for all the goodness that you made,as we all knew that if you want to be care and love give same as well and the respect will come and you will developed a foundation of good relationship,is not just in care giving job but in all aspect in our life if you want people will respect and care for you you must to give it same way and vice versa. i learn a lot in my day's of care giving and its so amazing and the joy that i felt when i make a family happy that makes me so happy and fulfill,is on how you handle it and i know that a big percentage of caregiver has a smile on their face and thinking  the same as i did,my article is just a short and simple but i promise you will be touch and think that is so rewarding to be a caregiver despite of all the hardship of work then again you gain a heart felting and happy experience because you handle it and you deal with it for worthy result and you will be able to understand thoroughly what really the meaning of a true caregiver.experience and be a part on how old people lives and be their inspiration to enjoy life to the fullest and guide them to a better life in their old way's of life as well those in in child care and disable patient bring them the color of life and make them happy and give them the care that they deserve and the joy of being human as a normal human being because all of us are the same and we all must to be happy, if they're happy we are also as well.




          ''Rights'' wherever we are is a must, no matter what status of, on how a person live whether a low class,middle class, rich or very rich all of us must treated equal as a thing to bear in our mine that as a caregiver.
you always must to know your rights and freedom as a caregiver,in cases that you noticed that there
are certain reason and its against your rights as a caregiver you can decide and follow all the necessary steps to stand  for your rights as a caregiver,there are always an agencies that protects the rights of the caregiver as well the patient in fair manner,those agencies are known for years in hiring caregiver and to
produce for the employer that qualified one and fitted to both the caregiver and employer,before engaging the contract between the employer and caregiver, they first match well and blend them well, to match the likeness and compatibility in both parties,and the middle man is the agency, that always protects both caregiver and the employer.and keeping things always in place if there any foul in both parties that need to arrange and to talk nor discuss,the agencies are always available by calling their office to set for discussion what to do the best ways to both our discussion is always case to case basis,one thing in mind that we always remember whether you are a caregiver or not or whatsoever your job is,there is always a regulation and rights that stated in our laws for all of us, because we all must to be treated equal and fair.
           there is always a written document's provided for both parties that stated all the rights and laws for both caregiver and employer to protect both in any ways to avoid any complication in days to come,both caregiver and employer must to agreed and sign to and not to violate the rights and laws for the caregiver likewise to the employer as well,always remember that you must always to know your rights and from time to time you can review the contract and see if there's any act against the agreement and laws for both caregiver as well as for the patient and look after what the next step to do,and the agency will arrange all the effective ways to help you as a caregiver and you as a patient or is all the primary and practical step to ask for an advice and  have a set time to discuss it to the agency and they will do the helping hand to help and  give an advice what to do next to make things fixed for both parties.   BY: J.LE


 What is care home? a care home is a home for all senior citizens that just build and design for old people wanting to join the community for their own likeness and usually old people in care home are mostly retired and all of the old people living in care home as a community that likely has their own city
within the compound they had their own small market that supplied what they need in their daily basis also clinics for regular checkups and doctor's as well nurses are always
standing by for medical checkups including blood test, general check up,blood pressure monitoring,urine test,etc.and doctors and nurses are always on duty 24/7 in case of emergency situation.caregiver duties in care home is to
always accompanying the patient when there is an activities for the community like film showing,theater,various program that compose of singing concert, dancing,masses and there are times they set for yoga and tai chi for those who wants to join.there is also program's that compose just for men and just for women like a changing ideas to enhance their brain to be active and to be expose in their community,each member has their own unit and to those in need of caregiver the caregiver stay with the patient in their unit all the time to monitor the patient.
   in caregiver job its depend on where they are located what country and culture as well as religious holidays are granted also for the caregiver, holidays and day off during weekend in some country, the holidays,day off,vacation and all other benefits is granted to the caregiver on where the caregiver originated and if the caregiver is a foreign worker all the benefits depend on their contract that they agreed and sign in to home duties for the caregiver is mostly if the patient is capable on attending the desired activities, so at all times the caregiver will accompany the patient and always near to the patient in a way that when the patient needs something and not feeling well immediately the caregiver can responds quickly to the situation.and instantly
calls for help or push or press the emergency alarm near the area,effectively and quickly as to save lives of the patient,there are some activities that involve the patient  he or she wanted to join what they choose to,like painting,ceramics,carpenter work,gardening this serve as a hobby as well as keeping the patient active in physical and mental  health status,the care homes offer also a card games free for all who wants to join and to socialize in  the community,computer lesson,lobby for meeting friends to have some conversation,library for the patient to choose all kind of book,magazines etc.the caregiver is always on the side of the patient keeping the patient safe and monitored at all time whether in activities time nor in their unit or room, it will be constantly, the patient will be accompanied by the caregiver at all times.
making report's regarding the status of the patient to submit to the doctor's and nurses and making all things in good result for the patient daily. to monitor well the health status of the patient,care homes make things for old people in one package, in short, what they want and what they need it is provided, just near in their door step and a walking distance,exercising by walking inside the compound of care home with the caregiver beside and the caregiver engage the good and happy conversation while walking, going to the market or just walking around the garden, the caregiver always beside the patient keeping the patient safe at all times.          BY: J.LE