June 8, 2011


Before we proceed in our topic,the sweet fruits of labor,first thing that comes
in our thoughts is,if you work harder no matter what kind of job you have or any
way that one does to make a living that came from own sweat specially when
done it in a hard way or work it in a hard way to achieve something is considered
to be called, the sweet fruits of your labor.

all kinds of effort and work or hard work,we called it the fruits of our labor in out
come,specially if its the fruits of hard work and after that, we can imagine how
good it is.if it came to our own sweat.

All of us constantly strives for our own good sake,to have something to put on our
table as a bread and butter daily, to be able to have something that we need and live
for good,or perhaps just to survive the day by day cycle in comes to our needs.

Generally in logic,all of us always had the experiences of hardship,there is a lot
of different kinds of hardship that each and everyone of us really finding it hard,
specially when one works on his/her first day on job,this is often hard, and what
we called it, is the heating point to the peak,but that doesn't mean that all will be
standing at the peak or top at the edge,its always depend on the person and case 
to case basis,one thing for sure is,if one will do all the best and has the focus to reach
the top is always possible, and it'll takes a lots of effort and time,but at the end
is always worthy and sweet in harvest as it is the fruits of ones effort and all
the best to the maximum.
Harvesting the sweet fruits of our labor is always has the different sides and
stories,and its usually start from the bottom and people that had the focus to
face all the challenges always the victorious at the end,to make it shorten,and
sharp target,people that always has a lots of patience and fighting all the best
until the end always has the sweet fruits after.people that work hard is always on the
list and awarded the sweet fruits of labor, specially if fought with good purpose and
focus to attain the one goal which is the victory and success,and not giving up until
the end,usually this kind of personality or principles are the quality of a great

In care giving,the sweet fruits of labor always depend on the caregiver,on how
the goal is set and on how managed to achieved the target goal as a caregiver.
In care giving,the caregiver must focus on the goal depending on the situation
that a caregiver is into,this is on what the patient condition and what the steps
that really important for the caregiver to give to the patient progress and in
all aspect of the condition that a patient has, no matter how hard it is or no
matter what the condition is,one thing is to always keep in mind as a caregiver,
always find the best ways and most easy ways to ease the situation and
condition of the patient,as we know that,our lives is always decided above
on when will be the point of end,as a caregiver,keep the calmness restore
from the patient mind,this will be a great help for the health not to be worsen,
because when a patient thinks and allowing the negative flow to the mind is
not a good habit to allow,so as a caregiver the focus goal is to always divert
the mind of the patient not to bother the condition and situation that the
patient is into,always divert it into good positive flow,and help the patient to
live in day by day as normal despite in his/her health condition,be sensitive to catch
the feelings at all times of the patient on what really makes the patient happy
as well as for he family of the patient.always be focus and present of mind when
it comes to the daily vital treatment for the patient, and always find ways to be
flexible as also creative to engage a good and happy bonding together at all
times,and give the best as a good caregiver can offer,always to understand the situation
if sometimes the patient is in bad mode,its a normal for their condition specially
for the Alzheimer disease patient,even sometimes as a caregiver
finding a hard time to be on the situation,always harden your feelings as a
caregiver because it is not intentionally done by the patient,this is the result
of their health condition that even the patient is unaware on what is really happening.
as a caregiver always be open minded to accept even the hardest things because this
is the part of care giving.

Always be open to understand the situation of the patient and in day by day
learn to expand your patience as a caregiver,as this will lead you to the top
of your career,because the one aspect that a good caregiver has in quality,
is PATIENCE,and always learn to be calm and this calmness will really help
in all situation,to be able to focus on the target essential treatment for the
patient and build always the good relationship as caregiver and patient.
CALMNESS is always useful in terms of emergency situation,to be able
to focus what the vital things to do in comes to emergency situation.

The easy way to achieve all this good quality as a caregiver is to be just you,
the natural you as a person, that has the feelings and sensitive on what the
patient feels innermost,and in all angles,such as emotional, physical,
psychological etc.

the best tips that I can share is, love the patient that comes within your heart
and do all the daily task with heart, and this will lead to good relationship
as a best of friends and if able to achieve this vital connection as a
caregiver and patient relationship, this will become the outcome of best
of friends, and just both patient and caregiver can truly understand
the deepest feelings in each heart, and only the patient and caregiver
can understand,because of the deep connection of both, that
buildup by time and innermost understanding in each ones heart as a  
patient and caregiver.this is the sweet fruits of labor that gain by good
connection,understanding,sensitiveness within the heart of both patient 
and the caregiver.