June 13, 2011


Self care for caregiver is the first priority for a caregiver to take responsibility
for own self as a caregiver,we know that a caregiver job is draining and if we
said draining,its involve the whole well being of the caregiver,this draining impact
can affect the emotional,physical,spiritual and psychological well being of a
caregiver as a whole. When draining impact is explode within the caregiver
well being,this could cause some health problem,to avoid or prevent this impact,
the caregiver must always take sometime to have a bit of space for him/her self
to know where he/she stand,and to be able to coup up with stress,such as emotional
and physical,caregiver must often figure what is really important for the patient
and one thing is to take care of own self,because if the caregiver doesn't able to
take the responsibility to take care of her/his own self,how could the caregiver
give the good care for the patient. The first priority of the caregiver is a must always
be in mind at all times and not be taken for granted,the own health care.

As a caregiver,one thing is to stay fit and always find time to energize back as
much as possible as it could,care giving job is always stressful job but it can be
manage and well executed by means of time management and handling the task
and duties smartly and effective,always have the plan to manage the daily task and
in smart planning,always find the easiest way to perform the daily task but the same
result with the previous way,as a caregiver,you must always have the space prepared
for learning,always learn day by day and finding the easy and effective solution for
all the hard task and pressure task,learn to control your feeling when it comes to
emotional,and the important to it, learn to find ways how to release the negative flow
and divert it into positive charge,its always case to case basis when comes to care
giving job and its not always the same what will be the daily task of a caregiver but
the important is,the caregiver must always be flexible and knows how to deal with
emotional stress,physical stress and all other negative flow that ahead of the way.

Healthiness and well fit to do all the vital responsibilities for the patient,this is very
important for the caregiver to take always the responsibility for own self,because if
the caregiver is healthy,all the best in maximum treatment for the patient can be done
properly and both the patient and caregiver is healthy in day by day.      BY J.LE


Handle with care,there's such a huge meaning when we say the phrase handle with
care,the common type of meaning that we used to, is,handling with care due to the fact
that,whether a thing,a living organism or a person,is in need of careful handling in various
reason. why?.
In things, when we say handle with care is,due to its fragile contained or sensitivities
within the quality of such thing,and needed to be handle with such care to avoid a
possible damage.
In care giving job,handle with care is always been the goal of the caregiver to give
all the best good care for the patient,when it comes to care giving job,there are always
a lots of angle to considered as a caregiver,first thing is,always and always to understand
the patient condition and knowing deep enough on what the personality of he patient.
Personality of the patient is not always the same and due to patient illness and condition
there are always negative characteristics that sometimes can be hurting the feeling of the
caregiver,hence,when a patient is saying something that hurt the feelings of the caregiver
example,if the patient is angry of his/her condition and not cooperating with the treatment
and not allowing the caregiver to do the task because the patient wanted to be alone,in this
case,its a natural feeling for the patient,its not intentionally done and due to health condition
its natural,and as a caregiver don't take it personal,just be open minded to understand what
really the reason why the patient is on that point. if we just really understand and truly open
our mind,its not that easy for the patient to be on that situation,and no one will ever wish
to be on that position. we can always put our feet in their situation and fully understand
how hard it is,specially when the patient is well active before and suddenly due to some
unfortunate reason that put the patient on that hard condition to accept and the patient can
see the wheel chair and all the medical devices,psychological is bothering a lot for the
patient mental and well being as well.

As a caregiver, its part of the job as caregiver,do all the best to give the good care giving and
find the ways to gain the trust of the patient and let the patient feel that you as a caregiver
is the person that he/she can count on and can be trusted as a friend,do all the best to help
the patient as much as possible,always bear in mind that,if you do all the best and do all
the good treatment and treat the patient as if is your father,mother,brother and a best friend
and handling it with a care that comes from your heart naturally as one that can understand.
the patient will feel it naturally and slowly will accept you as the person that he/she can
count on and the person that will be there always to help as a best friend,it'll take time
but as soon the patient feels your good care and concern to help him/her to restore the
strength back and the way you treat good of her/him,no matter what his/her condition,
all will be in good place and you'll just noticed that the trust and care also the cooperation
regarding the treatment is already flowing smoothly and the foundation is already been
in place and developed a good relationship as a caregiver and patient and can be often
the good result that the patient and caregiver is the best of friend.         BY:J.LE