June 10, 2011


Communication,is the way to build a good relationship in all aspect in our
day by day living,and this simple word can do a vast of good outcome specially
when it comes to building a good relationship,whether a friend relationship or
business partner,husband and wife communication,relatives communication or
whatsoever,communication is the key to connect to others,whether sharing an
ideas,discussion,mail,email,chat, etc. there's a huge of useful outcome in our
lives by means of communication,and in fact,communication that connects us
all in this days,through internet,and internet put us all in close distances to be
one, and as easy as one click to connect what ever the range of the distance that
apart us before.now through internet communication,all have been change and 
made the world as one.

In care giving,communication is very important in daily task or duties,and as
a caregiver,communication is always be the part of treatment for the patient,
and not just communicating by means of asking the patient the daily and
common question,like did you eat,good morning,I'll cook,I'll give you a bath,
in general I mean,the common way,and after that good night,then the same
thing for tomorrow,its not enough,and its not the way to communicate for
good, to help the patient in treatment,good communication means good
bonding and connection,and with this good communication and connection,
the treatment,medication,and etc. will be as easy as we can imagine,with this
good two tools,the caregiver can build a very well attachment to the patient
heart and as a whole,and all the basic treatment and various task and duties
will be as smooth as sailing in the silent river.

Communication and connection is always the key in all aspects and angles
in our lives not just in care giving but in all parts of our lives,and it'll start
from our very own home and in our job,friends and all, as in generally speaking.

Through good communication and good connection,we are always building
a stable bridge that last and well attached to the ground and closeness
to each others lives, this good result will be achieved when one makes the
good communication and good connection.and with this two keys,
if done if properly and with heart,we can touch peoples lives and
trust will be given to the worthy one, that can be a result of good
friendship as best of friends,and well attached to others heart.      BY:J.LE