June 15, 2011


Smart Caregiver,what will be the quality that smart caregiver possessed and how
they contributed in care giving world, and in care giving, all the task and duties
that a caregiver must to perform every single day and again and again in daily task,
all this matters can be able to learn by anybody,this included as medical procedure that
include bed bathing,monitoring,treatment responsibilities and all others stuff that
involve in care giving obligation for caregiver.
A Smart caregiver is always creative and finding ways to make the easiest way
and comfortable for both patient and the caregiver itself,and the most that a
smart caregiver has is the innermost understanding on who the patient is and easily
detect the personality and read the mind or as a whole well being of the patient,this
type of quality that must to be multiply to double, because of the needs globally for
caregiver services,a smart caregiver knows how to navigate and divert the situation
when negative flow is on the way,and finding the positive flow to roll in the way.

A smart caregiver is always has the focus on the goal treatment for the good sake
for the patient and patient family as well as a whole so to speak,making thing much
more easily and living the normal mode as much as it could and this positive attitude
is one of the good and beauty of a smart caregiver.

A Smart caregiver that doesn't mean that a caregiver is expert in figures,and other
stuff that can be considered as a smart or genius,smart care giving is with the coordination
of the mind and heart on how to understand the true innermost feelings of the patient and
what is the best possible ways to make the patient happy and with the mind and
heart coordination,easily the caregiver can truly understand the patient needs in the
deepest well being and as a whole.         BY: J.LE


Caregiver in this days are making the difference globally,specially for Filipinos
care provider,in years has past, Filipino caregiver is one of the largest caregiver
provider globally due to its good care,patience,and hospitable culture that
brought the Filipino caregiver into in demand and has known for the good
services and well trained caregivers,if you will ask one of them about their
own experiences as a caregiver there will be a huge and interesting experiences
that they can share and one thing for sure they made the difference.

Around the globe,if you will see a care home,nursing home,home for the aged
and private home that need a caregiver,you can be sure that there will be a Filipinos
caregivers,in this days Filipinos caregivers is in demand,and before one can be
qualified as a caregiver,one must undergo a training to enhance and have the basic
skill as a caregiver this include such as medical procedure and all the vital duties
that a caregiver will be in daily work in actual situation.

Touching live of other and making the difference by means of helping patient
that need the good care and quality care,and maintaining the good and best
care that the patient needs,and when we say touching others lives that doesn't
mean that when you do all the duties and your touching others lives like the
patient family and the patient as well,but it comes from the innermost of the
patient heart and patient family. this can be felt within the heart of the caregiver,
and the patient and patient family will fell it naturally if the caregiver is a special
one,not just because he/she a caregiver but in personality as a person.

Caregiver that touches the heart of the patient and family of he patient is a
special case that seldom can be happen,to make it short,touching lives of others
is something special that has from someone in personality that truly ones has
in heart and being a good person and doing all the task and duties that comes
within the heart naturally and given to someone voluntarily is one of a kind
personality,and this good personality that some caregiver possess with all the skills
and professionalism and good personality,this type of caregiver is a treasure for
the patient and as well as for the patient family. its something that can be said
that, there's a lot of good apple in the box but there will be always few that has
the special quality as apple.

There's a lot of good caregiver but few are special one and can always
touch the lives of others in different aspect in life and this good personality is
a treasure for the patient and as well as for the family of the patient.   BY: J.LE