May 20, 2011


Caregiver Work!what do caregiver do? Caregiver work in common definition is to take care of someone that need an often attention regarding medication,physical exercises or other treatment that needed daily for the person that needs the special and often attention in maintaining the regular treatment and all other important duties to give the best treatment for
a person with a condition of disabilities,old age,Alzheimer or other types of sickness that need an special attention,it can also be one of the family member of the sick or other kind of sickness that need a treatment sometimes the caregiver is a member of the family or either the son or daughter or other member of the family, that due to some reason they took care of the sick member of the family is called a caregiver, to make it short,anyone that taking care and do responsibilities to a needed sick person, one that monitor the medication treatment for the sick person or patient,and being there to guide and maintaining the good health environment.

If someone decide to step into the world of care giving whether a career or taking care of your love ones nor member of the family due to various reason or sickness that needed much attention in day to day basis,you must to open your heart and mind before engaging into,first thing to considered as one aspect of care giving is patience, a lots of patience to be ready in place and one must accept to understand the situation that you are into,and always have the space to learn new things regarding medical devices or such other things that essential to care giving task. the task of care giving in regards to medical task can be learn by anyone by means of training,before a someone decided to work as a caregiver there will be a requirements to complete, one is the certificate of training for caregiver course,this means that the caregiver must undergo a training regarding medical procedures that a caregiver needed to have knowledge before working as a care provider. caregiver must to be open minded to understand what will be the actual case of the patient and flexible to adapt it, so that the caregiver and the patient will be comfortable in doing the treatment with consideration,in this case the patient will open the door for the caregiver to allow the treatment to receive it comfortably and connect to the caregiver and give trust too. At first is not that easy and not just in caregiver, in all aspect of any career you will start from lowest point and way go to the top. its a challenging experience but its a great feeling within afterward.

If you don't have a huge patient within you, caregiver is not the career for you,in care giving,all those daily task can be learn by anyone,such as feeding bathing,medication,physical exercises to boost the physical strength for the patient or massages,diapering etc. all this task can be learn,the most vital part of care giving is how you connect deeply to the patient heart,knowing the patient much more deeper and it'll bounce to you back deeper, that the patient also connect to you deeply as well,something that both patient and caregiver building the good foundation as best friends that open to each other. patient always has different characteristics and all of us too,this will be a challenging for a care provider to find the good
spot to have the place in the heart of the patient,this will take time for both patient and caregiver to reach the this point but time and connection to both will tell the progress,constant
communication is very important,as a caregiver you will be always the first to engage the communication,senses will follow and all the good things for both as well will flow smoothly.

Just work with heart and always be very patience because the more patience you have the very good result will be for both patient and caregiver,to have the good connection and build the
friendship as well comfortable to each other in all ways as if you know each other for a long time and as if you're a member of the family and not just a caregiver doing the job but as one
of the family of the patient that given the caregiver the trust and it'll be wonderful place for all
the member of the family because they're happy what you contributed to the family to give them the good time spending together with their father, mother,son, daughter or brother
whatsoever the connection in family, just always remember that laughter is the natural medicine to combat stress, sickness,depression etc. as a caregiver do all the best to make the
family happy and the patient as well and you as a caregiver will be happy within as well of the
good result that you have done for the family. that's the caregiver essence and making the difference. BY:J.LE