June 29, 2011


Choking is very dangerous and it can cause death,as we all know that our throat
has the vital air way passage for us to breath and live,if any foreign bodies block
the air way passage that keep us from breathing to live,if not remove it can be a fatal
and causes death for anybody that on that situation of choking,there are some ways
and important ways to prevent anybody from choking,with the careful of eating on
what we chew and how we swallow a food,this are all must to be taken into vital
care on what we eat and how we chew and swallow our food,as we go on on our
topic on how to avoid old patient from choking, there are ways and precaution on
how one can prevent or to avoid from choking while eating especially for old patient.
always bear in mind on what we eat and how we swallow or chew food before we swallow.

fish bone,fish spike,are one of the things that we must to be careful
when is on our table,just to be careful specially for old people,if you a
caregiver for old patient,always check what will be the patient food and
if fish,always at all times take off all the fish spikes and bones just the fish
meat to put on the plate of the old patient to eat.
Most of the old patient are prone to choking,due to weak response of their saliva to
slide the food in their throat,and most of the old people, their food passage or air way
passage is dry and when the throat is dry,its prone to choking when eating, because it
will stock and in fact when you see old person taking his/her breakfast or dinner or
maybe lunch,they usually coughing and this is the sign that must take it to special
attention at all times.

One thing to be aware and always make it a habit for the old patient to drink water
before starting to eat,and as a caregiver it is your responsibility to choose the right
food for the patient,soup and soft meat are the best for the old patient to be on the
diet and salads,such as vegetable salads or smash potatoes or rice and always with
a soup and always the meat either chicken or beef etc. must always be check if it
is soft to eat for the old patient,and also can be bite by the old patient with a false teeth.

Careful at all times as a caregiver,what will be the food that you will prepare for the
patient,always thinks the word safety first at all times to avoid any unwanted
circumstances like choking when eating food that not suit for the patient ability
to swallow,always be responsible and patience enough to check the food of the
patient before serving,this simple thing can prevent and ease the day to day life
as a caregiver and patient,and always bear in mind that never leave the patient
eating alone,always stay near or beside the patient when eating,because in a
matter of seconds,anything can happen.

Always check the food that you will be serving for the old or senior patient
especially the meat,check the meat at all times if its soft enough for the patient
to eat and be swallow,whether is chicken meat,beef, always check if its soft for
the patient to eat, soup is best and blended food because is easy to eat for
the patient,and in fact,you as a caregiver can blend the food all together with
vegetables and meat together and it is good because food are combine and vitamins
with in the food that you will blend is mixed well all together and easy to be eaten
by the old patient as well as soft for the patient to eat.
and if the patient doesn't wanted to blend the food,be always patience to check
any food that you will serve for the patient at all times to avoid any problem,it is
always the best ways to prevent an old or senior patient from unwanted choking
while eating by means of being responsible and patience to check the food and
best to double check before serving any food for the old or senior patient.  BY: J.LE