November 6, 2012

Earning as an O.F.W. Caregiver

First and foremost, What is a Caregiver? this would be probably the most on top question would be served in the plate when in comes to the meaning as well as what sense do really a Caregiver does to whom they care. well for sure most of the people question would exactly follow up their question with their own understanding, this perhaps mostly thought it is easy and few are not, in either way of thinking and concept would always base on those into it, this is because they experienced it on how to be a Caregiver and knows exactly what's inside the box. however, this question and other isolated cases that can only be understood if inside to the world of Caregivers,as we all knew that this time, more and more Caregivers are employed and continuously growing to the numbers as time counts and as people are getting older, its a way of necessity for most of those elderly people as well as for those people struggling to be alone due to various diseases or either illnesses, and it is often no age brackets.that's why the call for Caregivers is in need that is really visible in these time, way backward time, elderly people are most likely rely on their family members and nurses routine for monitoring. when Caregivers are getting high on demand due to its visible help that truly undeniably made a big help to ease those pressure for the nurses and doctors as well as for the family of the patient not worrying the 24/7 standby and an eye for them at all times, this is realized that it is better to have a Caregiver for 24 hours to be there for their loved ones,this kind of Caregiver is called as the Lived in Caregiver.

Caregiver is not only being there for the patient and doing all the responsibilities, its not only end there.
some says that if you do your responsibility and none is skip its all fine, question is? is the responsibility goes within the deeper portion and understanding what thoroughly the patient being as a whole and touching the patient lives from outer to the deeper inner side, well this kind of thing would constantly be understood by heart and in instinct goes to the mind what the heart says, meaning with the deeper understanding that comes from the heart, the caregiver is doing it with heart without hesitation. and in fact this can't be learnt in the training centers but this is felt in a deeper mode that heart and mind can understand resulting to comprehensive positive outcome,and that's truly makes the difference.

The Bottom line is, Earning as an O.F.W. Caregiver would not be that easy, but when truly understand in a deeper mode that comes from the heart, earning would often be worth it. touching people lives and makes a difference for those people that count on to their Caregiver at all times.

October 28, 2012

Tough Task Challenges most Caregivers

Tough Task Challenges most Caregivers, this would be the most answer you'll get if you ask those
Caregivers out there, whether a Hired Caregivers such as Lived in or Lived out Caregivers, answers
would be exactly the same or related to what the fact is, most of the answer would be definitely felt
that it is coming from the heart that truly can able to express in a deeper aspect base on their experiences each of those Caregivers.

   Task, most of the tougher tough task that Caregivers are into in some form would be familiar to those seen in an outer layer, which means, wheelchairs,lifters,diapers changing in a routine manner,
walkers,exercises in daily routine for recovery or for fitness to maintain good healthy life style for the
patient, medicine assistance for the patient whether this would be orally or others. and in regards to the treatments and medicines task,all of this is with the guidance and instructions of the Doctors and health professionals, all of those instructions must be followed by a Caregiver so that there would be a good result or either outcome to the said treatments for the best of the patient.and in fact, daily task for any Caregiver would be constantly depend on what is the health condition of the patient as well as on what the instructions of Doctors and health Professionals, in a short run to say, all would be dictate on what is the actual health condition of the patient.

  Tough Task, here we go now on what is the tough task mostly Caregiver are into in their daily task and duties,as I mention on the Task which is on the second paragraph, in addition to that, saying on what is the reality, Tougher Task would base on how the patience and on how far would the patience of the Caregiver would go far and in maximum, simple word Patience but this simple word is the secret word that measure on how good Caregiver is, because a good Caregiver is capable of handling pressure and have the huge patience within, why some can't are the most question attached to this matter, perhaps some aren't that patience enough or some are expecting that being a Caregiver is easy, that's why it is called Tough Task because it challenges the capacity of the Caregiver to the maximum in comes to thing for sure to say. perhaps those Caregivers that having the huge patience is having the huge understanding and heart to be there to care and knows what is the meaning of the Caregiver in a deeper mode as well as the whole, and for those unable to handle huge patience to pack in a basket,  more understanding and a more extending  patience would do the good result that you can't ever imagine,although is hard. but with those challenges and hardship task. in the end believe me, it would be fulfilling within, because you help and care for those people that count on you and trusted you their health and life as their Caregiver.

September 6, 2012

Growing numbers of Hired Caregivers

First and foremost, what and why Number of Hired Caregivers growing? this would be a question that I would explain base on my experiences and on what is my own concept. basically the answer will sit on a plate on what is seen inner and outside as a whole,in this kind of practical question the answer would be likely base on what is the reality as to speak. perhaps some able to conclude and come up to answer smartly
that sound like this,the earth is getting older and people as well too,as to say,obviously time make us old isn't it, people get sick and ill,and etc.and etc. however, answers to the specific question should be case to case basis, in fact it varies from person to person and health condition, but one thing for sure, that's how life is all about, as to say, there's no short cuts on what life has to offer to us. merely what we can do is to accept what would be served on our plate, and most importantly do everything what we can do in our best effort to take care of our own selves and live the life enjoyable and appreciating the beauty inner and outer.

Most of the patient that hire a personal caregiver are mostly a Senior Citizens of  London, United states, Israel and others, they employ Hired Caregiver from all sides globally that qualifies the standard to take care for elderly people, in fact,not only elderly people that needs the service of the Hired Caregivers but as well those disabled people or sick,ill or suffer from various disease in all ages.this people needs a full attention and cares 24/7 , Cares that would be serves must be flexible and as a whole dimension. such as physical care,psychological care,emotional care and someone that the patient and the family of the patient can rely on and trust. people are getting older as time is continue running and the demand of more Hired Caregiver are growing and needed. the need of a quality Hired Caregivers that can perform first aid when it comes to emergency situation is a must for any Hired Caregivers, that's why the training centers for caregivers is always essential, this is to ensure the quality and enhancing the abilities as well as giving the proper training for first aid to any caregiver,training would include all of the vital task as a caregiver and all of those daily routine, its very vital to have knowledge of first aid for any caregiver because this knowledge is gold meaning equivalent of life,and not just having knowledge but effectively delivering or performing it properly and ready to apply in an emergency situation to save lives. after achieved the appropriate vital training as a caregiver,the caregiver would be awarded a certificate,the certificate means that a caregiver is qualify and ready to work as a Hired Caregiver.

September 1, 2012

Transfer with ease

Most of the Caregivers are engaging transferring patient day and night,and common problems that cause back pain and injury is due to inappropriate way of transferring patient from one place to another such as transferring patient from wheelchair to bed or vice versa.

Why taking a risk having those unwanted back pain and injury,in some cases if transferring is improper,not just the caregiver will put into risky situation but also for the patient.and it is very irresponsible if this kind of thing would be wasted,transferring patient must constantly be in a careful manner to prevent any injury or other related problem for the caregiver as well as for the patient too.

August 30, 2012

Care that last for long

I worked as a Caregiver many years in Israel,took care of various patient from child to elderly or as to say in all ages.whether in Home Care,Nursing Home,Private Home and Hospital.lived out or lived in Caregiver,I had experienced all sort of patient diseases & ailments,with all of those experiences that I had,it makes me complete not just because being a Caregiver but understood what is the purposed of life in each and everyone of us.

August 29, 2012

What would we do about inevitable aging

What should we do about inevitable aging? its a very complicated question if we ask and think that we don't want to be old or perhaps we thought about fountain of youth maybe,in fact,some people were into surgery to look younger despite of the age,some because of the signs of aging which is visible.this would be accomplished for those people that has the capability in regards to financial matter,however this is not totally make us younger inside physically and psychologically,this would be just outer look for those had a successful operation,although some are successful achieving the desire to look younger from outside appearance,but for sure,no one can stop aging in a truthful opinion and honest way to express thought,all of us will get older as days goes by.this is inevitable and should be accepted.

August 26, 2012

Lesson being a Caregiver

Lesson being a Caregiver,sounds interesting isn't it?well, its a worth lesson as a whole for me,in fact,lesson that I've learned being a Caregiver is part of my life,and if you believe or not,I used to overcome any obstacles and difficulties ahead of my way,no matter how hard it is,i just often remind myself that,those elderly patient that I took care also those child and as well in all ages that suffered from ailments, diseases,disabilities etc. they do overcome any challenges that may on their way,in present nor future.

August 1, 2012

What do really Hired Caregiver do and must

What do really Hired Caregiver do?before jumping into that question let me first put a bit of oil into the pan before serving it to you,firstly we dig and explain it in a practical all do people knew that being a Caregiver is having the huge responsibilities in day to day as well as night by night and over and over again in regards to the duties and obligation being a Caregiver,in fact the growing numbers of Hired Caregivers increases from time to time.most of this Hired Caregivers comes from different countries which means having various tradition and culture that they inherit from their mother land on where they came from.why I mentioned this?its because clearly to say that one of the things that a Hired Caregiver must adjust is how the way of living and tradition as well as the culture on where country she/he would supposed to work,having the understanding on what the country is and what the essential adjustments that need to be done as well as aware of what the things to be done and not,and the most important is understanding what is the law of the country specially the rights of the employer and patient as well as his/her too being a Hired Caregiver.

July 30, 2012

Care for Blind Patient or Visually Impaired

Care for Blind Patient or Visually Caregiving some of the percentage of those Caregiver has a Blind Patient,and Caring for Blind Patient is quite need more of those care effort in regards to carefulness and alert in a constant manner as a Caregiver,meaning.there's no room for Carelessness because anything would happen that would risk the life of the Blind Patient,example of those risk involve is falling,slipping,burn,that can cause serious injury to the blind patient,and in additional to pointed object and sharp edges in any place at home must to be eliminate and always must be avoided to protect the blind patient to any injuries and other risky occurrence that may result to a serious health condition problem for the patient.

July 11, 2012

Safety comes first as a Caregiver

Safety comes first as a we go on,safety is always our concerned in all field and sides wherever we may,or either whatever we do,safety is the most priority for all of us isn't it,that's the truth mostly are concerned and constantly wanted,in Caregiving,specially in child care,the caregiver must to be always alert and aware of what is the behavior of the child depending on what age,as a Caregiver, you are responsible to keep the safeness at all time no matter what,just always bear in mind that safety would come first before anything will be done and so on. and in fact,not only the safety of the child but also protecting the child from any harm and guide the child to right from any wrong doing,so that the child will have a good foundation as he grows older and safety.

June 29, 2012

What is the importance of Trust being a Caregiver

What is the importance of Trust being a Caregiver?

The answer to this very important question yet much more important and acting responsibly when in comes
to taking action in responsible way and working with heart for the patient,because each patient is often
deserved a good treatments in comes to the whole dimension.

June 19, 2012

Preparedness within before applying as a Hired Caregiver abroad

Preparedness within before applying as a Hired Caregiver abroad is the most important thing to prepare aside from all of the other essential matter,such as documents and some other processing procedure to

June 3, 2012

Care's that matters most

Care that matters most is a simple word that definitely described and useful when in comes to Caregiving,
maybe some would be able to say that,the important thing is to do the right and proper task and being responsible that must be in the plate to serve the patient,and this would complete the meaning of being a Caregiver,but the huge question that hidden behind the meaning must to be take into important matter as well too,what I mean is,in every field of profession the most important is you love what you do and loving keeping doing it again and again,and that's what made most of them successful,because they love what they do,in Caregiving, the essence of Care most constantly be there in the picture,being a Caregiver is not easy as many knows for sure,and being a Caregiver is a great task that all side within Caregiving is so important whether from small to the huge responsibility,task,duties and etc.all must be balance,and take note!the Care that attached from the word Caregiver would always be within the heart of any Caregiver,in whatever responsibility,task, duties or either what kind of patient may,the Care that must to be given to the patient would always comes from the heart,because if so,the happiness of helping others that in need would be worth it and overwhelming within the heart,that's the true meaning of being a true Caregiver. BY : J.LE


May 7, 2012

Care that comes from the heart by a Caregiver

Care that comes from the heart by a Caregiver,in this short sentence as well as simple words that attached on the sentence,for sure there would be definitely some question that would be magnetized on how,what,who and depending,mentioned words are definitely the key on how would be the result or outcome, for me! its a natural question that would often base on what is in reality and likewise base on who is on the situation as well,there are various faces and situation before achieving the good and natural result that definitely Care that a Caregiver gave to his/her employer,family patient,or the volunteer Caregiver that gives the care for his/her patient too would included,meaning!all faces and sides of Caregivers would constantly basing on who is in the actual situation,and what really the good personality and sensitivity can  bring to any Caregiver and as well as for the patient most importantly to say,the most important outcome that would be expected would always depend on who is the  Caregiver and the Patient of course. the bottom line is!would say in Capital letter,DEPENDING WHO WOULD BE THE PERSON IN ACTUAL SITUATION AND IN REALITY! 

April 30, 2012

Why Hired Foreign Caregivers in Demand in Israel

Why Hired Foreign Caregivers in Demand in Israel? a "BIG'' Question Why,what is the importance of having a caregiver and none would be the follow up question that would be included in the basket question for instance,first thing that we must to understand and think about on why do this caregivers is

April 22, 2012

Ingredients Contained Being a Caregiver

Ingredients Contained Being a Caregiver,there are lots of Ingredients that contained being a Caregiver,whether

April 21, 2012

The Right Care for Patient and Caregiver

First and Foremost,what is really a Caregiver and Caregiving?this would be cloudy if we just take a glimpse in the outer view,the way on how to know it, is on how we truly understand what is the meaning of life for us,for sure this would be complicated isn't it?because as we know that life is so complicated since exist and created,we all know that being a Caregiver is a talks about how hard being a Caregiver meaning,there will be often hardship attached on it whatever may,this would be in an specific pointing by whom had experienced and having the ideas gathered on what is the inner whole dimension in regards to the meaning of Caregiving and what is the importance of a Caregiver to complete it to run the journey inside Caregiving,for me in a practical way of expression and understanding,on how to achieved the better Care is for sure must constantly in a balance way for both side,which is  The Right Care for Patient and Caregiver,this is always a must to be able to achieved the better and all good result for both, that resulting to a positive and a happy relationship being a Caregiver and Employer or a Patient,the balance way of a good treatment for both,and a fair treatment for Caregiver in often times would always put things to a natural flowing better result, that would convey in day to come for both,the care will be always there if the care that both side  gives to each other that comes from within each heart in the whole dimension,in this way,all would be in a good and happy relationship as Employer and Caregiver,this is one of the vital task for both to be able to achieved the good meaning on what is the true meaning of Caregiving.   

April 15, 2012

Communication for Unconscious Patient

Communication for Unconscious Patient,most of the Caregiver that engaging communication with their

April 14, 2012

Denture Care is one of the Responsibility of a Caregiver

Denture Care is one of the Responsibility of a Caregiver,there are vital task that a Caregiver must to be taking

April 12, 2012

Twenty Four Seven Care

Twenty Four Seven Care,in this days,one of the known 24/7 care that given to any person that need it,such as

April 11, 2012

Caregiving in Disability

Caregiving in Disability,in this kind of Caregiving,Caregiver is taking care for a Patient with disability,disability

April 7, 2012

Filipino Caregivers Success Would Depend on each own Hand

Goals and Dreams is most of us do inspired to do our best to achieve it,we do all of our best effort to be able

April 6, 2012

Elder or Senior Care comes in Time

The reality is often inevitable when in comes to all certain thing specially when we talk about the reality of

April 5, 2012

Filipino Caregivers in Israel Working in Care Home theirTask and Duties

Filipino Caregivers in Israel Working in Care Home their Task and Duties!what would be the most common

April 3, 2012

What it takes to be a Caregiver

What it takes to be a Caregiver,is a Question that can be easily answer with a simple sentences and words that

Therapy Comes in Various way

 Therapy is making its part when someone is in need of it,whether from Physical,Emotional,Psychological,all

April 2, 2012

Applying Abroad as a Caregiver Safely

Applying Abroad as a Caregiver Safely,as we all know that the first move for safeness in regards in applying

April 1, 2012

Life is full of Surprises

  Life is full of Surprises,its nice to hear about those mentioned word isn't it?but why surprises comes in

Caregiving Needs a Huge Patience Within and Understanding

 Caregiving Needs a Huge Patience Within and Understanding,if we say or think what is the meaning of

March 31, 2012

To Whom Caregivers makes a Difference

To Whom Caregivers makes a Difference? this is an important thing to dig to be able to know better what's

March 30, 2012

Daily Routine of Caregiver in Home Care in Israel

Daily Routine of Caregiver in Home Care in Israel would be often depending on what is the actual situation

March 29, 2012

O.F.W. Caregivers must to have within

This post is intended to remind those newly O.F.W. Caregivers and or those experienced O.F.W. Caregivers

March 27, 2012

First Aid is a Vital Knowledge

First Aid is a Vital Knowledge specially for Caregivers,because of the sensitive responsibilities and task in day

March 24, 2012

Good Hygiene is a Key to Healthiness

Good Hygiene is a Key to Healthiness,the first thing and very important to be take into account constantly to

March 22, 2012

O.F.W. Caregivers and their Essence of Care

O.F.W. is known for their sacrifices that they made for their loved ones in many years evidently due to its

March 20, 2012

Israel open the Door of Opportunity for Foreign Hired Caregivers

No one in the Planet Earth on where we standing and living doesn't know Israel and what Israel is,Israel is

March 15, 2012

Words that contained the completeness of a Caregiver

What would the accomplishment of any Caregiver that can truly considered to be a complete Caregiver not

Trust Gained by Good Deed

One of the most precious thing to build a good and firm relationship and partnership whether in personal life

March 14, 2012

Inspiration of Hired Caregivers to Pursue

Most of the reason of the sacrifices that each Hired Caregivers do and each cents that comes from their each

March 13, 2012

Care for own self is Vital

Care for own self is Vital,what are the importance of Caring for our own self?this question is always comes in

March 12, 2012

Professional Caregiver

In Philippines,more and more Professional Caregivers is produced from time to time,and mostly all of this

March 11, 2012

Making the Best Being a Hired Caregiver

Making the Best Being a Hired Caregiver,what would be the best thing that a Hired Caregiver has done in

March 9, 2012

Care to Comfort while in sleep mode or in ralaxing time

Care to Comfort while in sleep mode or in relaxing time is one of the best and vital in our daily life,and having

March 8, 2012

Filipino Caregivers in Israel need to often prepare

Whats really behind the reality of Filipino Caregivers in Israel in regards to their limited working period as a

What do Foreign Caregivers in Israel Desire

First and foremost,we take a bit glimpse to the world of Foreign Caregivers in Israel,and on what each

March 4, 2012

The Value of a Family Caregivers

The Value of a Family Caregivers.a Family Caregiver is a one of the member of the Family that taking Care

March 3, 2012

Long Term Care Given By Caregivers

Long Term Care Given By Caregivers,before we open the curtain on what is the meaning of a Long Term

March 1, 2012

Able to Speak Hebrew is an advantage for Foreign Caregivers in Israel

Able to Speak Hebrew is an advantage for Foreign Caregivers in Israel,as we all know that English is the best

February 27, 2012

Dipper Sound meaning of a Hired Caregiver

Hired Caregiver,perhaps almost all knew what is the meaning and the role of a Hired Caregiver,in a Dictionary meaning,the Hired Caregiver is a person that taking Care or Giving a Care for someone that in

February 23, 2012

Care and the Giver

Care is a simple word but truly completes ones life in regards of what the dipper meaning about it,Care in Words could always be in a various flow,and on what the meaning of it, its often defining the life of each and

February 20, 2012

Why some of Foreign Hired Caregiver don't reached their goal

Why some of Foreign Hired Caregiver don't reached their goal,this is a question that we'll be digging,the goal that we're pointing out is having a financial stability after their contract expired in working as a Hired Foreign

February 19, 2012

The Power of Connection Between Caregiver and Patient

The Power of Connection Between Caregiver and Patient ,what would be the great benefits that will bring having  good connection between the Caregiver and the patient,well,the precious benefits that would emerged

Why most Filipino Nurses work abroad

Why most Filipino Nurses work abroad? A BIG ''Why'',well, there would be a valid reason on why most of the Filipino Nurses decided to work abroad,one of the main reason and truth about it is,to have a better future

February 18, 2012

Filipino Nurses fly abroad to be a Caregiver

Filipino Nurses in the Philippines are huge in numbers,in fact, in every semester ends,universities and colleges produced a huge volume of Nurses,and annually it doubles the number or more approximately,and some of

February 17, 2012

Voluntary Care

Voluntary Care,this would be a very special help,the deeper meaning to this simple word,is like digging into the dark cave,searching for a special hole,that symbolizes purity and goodness of one heart,and the truth is,its

February 16, 2012

Caregiver Agency Protects the Rights of Caregiver and assure Benefits that worth to receive

In Applying as a Hired Caregiver in Israel, it is always advice to anyone that interested to work as a foreign Hired Caregiver in Israel is to apply with the Licensed Recruitment Agency to process the legal documents,as

February 11, 2012

Safety for Elderly and Children

Safety for Elderly and Children,safety is always vital at all time for anyone,and for sure all of us wanted to be safety constantly,as obviously no one will ever wish not to be safe or safety,in order to be safe,some

February 10, 2012

Be Constantly Responsible Caregiver

Being responsible Caregiver at all times no matter what, is often a must,and must to always bear in mind constantly in all manners and in all times,being responsible Caregiver is one of the vital responsibility and task

February 9, 2012

O.F.W. Caregiver Deeper Meaning

O.F.W. Meaning or each letter word stand for is - OVERSEAS FILIPINO WORKER,and which is known for many years abroad due to its good services that they contributed in their respective field of job,there are

February 8, 2012

Caregiver does the contribution

The purpose of life to us all can be a lot of colors that could bring in each one of us,there often a traces of bad experiences in past as one continue to go on,unfortunately some are stuck or pined in bad past

February 7, 2012

Things to follow for beginners Foreign Hired Caregiver in Israel

What would be the challenges for the beginners Foreign Hired Caregiver in Israel? there would be for sure a challenges that would be on their way being a Foreign Hired Caregiver in Israel,the first thing is the adjustment

February 6, 2012

Hired Caregivers are payed for their patience

Hired Caregivers are payed for their patience,as years has past,the patience within all of the Hired Caregivers is evidence that, they're payed for their huge Patience within them,this Patience makes them the full pledge as

February 2, 2012

O.F.W. Caregivers Value Care given

O.F.W. Caregivers Value Care given,every care that they gave to their patient is equal to the care that they given to their love ones,and in each every sacrifices that they do by working abroad and choose to be far

O.F.W. Caregivers Proven Patience

O.F.W. Caregivers Proven Patience,one of the most challenges that an O.F.W. Caregivers are into in their day to day responsibilities as a Caregiver abroad that taking Care for someone that in need due to sickness or

February 1, 2012

A Caregiver's Survival Guide : How to Stay Healthy When Your Loved One is Sick

                                   A Caregiver's Survival Guide : How to Stay Healthy When Your Loved One is Sick

                                                                      (Author) - Kay Marshall Strom

In Kay Marshall Book A Caregiver's Survival Guide : How to Stay Healthy When Your Loved Ones is Sick,
She will show you how to find spiritual support,maintaining balanced relationship,decide when caregiving at

Daily Comforts for Caregivers

Daily Comforts for Caregivers
(Author) - Pat Samples

Pat Samples the Author of the Book,Daily Comforts for Caregivers, has a Master Degrees in Human Development and creative writing,and Pat Samples Co-directed

Self Care for Caregivers : A Twelve Step Approach

                                            Self Care for Caregivers : A Twelve Step Approach
                                                                   (Author) - Pat Samples

Pat Samples the Author of the Book,Self Care for Caregivers : A Twelve Step Approach, has a Master Degrees in Human Development and creative writing,and Pat Samples Co-directed an inner City Arts



                  Rick R. Reed  [ Author ]                   

Rick R. Reed is a the Author of the Book Caregiver,and Rick R.Reed is a two time epic ebook Award

January 28, 2012

Success behind sacrifices of Hired Caregivers

Success behind sacrifices of Hired Caregivers,being a Hired Caregiver is known to be a hard job,which is because, it involves a lots of patience needed,and package coated with various type of task and duties

O.F.W. Caregiver simple desire

O.F.W. Caregiver simple desire,first and foremost, what really the most typical reason or common reason that attract O.F.W. Caregivers to be a Caregiver?there would be a straight answer to that very common question

January 25, 2012

Care giving completed the meaning of life

What would be the important role of Care in our life?there would be simple and common as natural answer to that very important question,first thing that we do is,to open and understand what are those care that complete

January 24, 2012

Disabilities steps to acceptance

Disabilities steps to acceptance,as I started to write this post,there's a feelings within me that encouraged me to write this post,thinking that this would be the voice to express naturally on what I felt and on what I truly

January 23, 2012

Understanding is one of the key in Care giving

First and foremost,what would be the key to give the better care for any patient as a caregiver?any caregiver could do the task and duties of course,because they are trained to be a caregiver,the purposed of this post is

January 19, 2012

Health Care Team for the Patient

Health Care Team for the Patient,the care for any patient can be achieved in effectiveness and balance,is constantly provided by a team,and this team provide the essential care and medical treatments,and other vital

January 18, 2012

Care Giving in Integral Care

In Care Giving,what would be the Integral Care that a patient should received from a Caregiver,Giving the Integral Care should start from a basic care,which is the task and duties and a responsibilities of a

January 17, 2012

Caregiver Certainty

Caregiver Certainty,for most Caregiver that already working as a caregiver,and for those are beginning to attend training for the application abroad,working as a caregiver,all of them in an accurate explanation,one

January 16, 2012

The Good Result

The Good Result,as we know that,to achieve a good result in any things that we do,will constantly will depend on what we do,so meaning,what the things that we do good and best effort that done,will be the same result

January 15, 2012

Filipino Food in Israel

Filipino Food in Israel,what is the special about having a Filipino Food on the table for many Caregivers in Israel?well! this is one of the  many Filipino Caregivers in Israel are looking for,and in fact!they really miss

January 14, 2012

Choice to be a Caregiver

Choice to be a Caregiver,many Caregivers for today is a choice for them,they choose to be a Caregiver in three reason,first,a Career Choice,second, for Public Service,thirdly,Personal Choice.

January 13, 2012

Accessibility of the patient made possible by the Caregiver

Caregiver is known for taking care of a person that needed care, the person that received care from a caregiver, is in a health condition problem,this person is called the patient of the caregiver,patient in which,

January 12, 2012

Filipino Caregiver Drive to Success

Filipino Caregiver Drive to Success,is one of the things that can be amazed,and can be considered as a kind of key to success,the drive that they made,and pursue to be able to reach their dreams in life,dreams which is

January 11, 2012

Success Road in Care Giving

There are many ways and method that can definitely gain the success result in care giving,this will always be base on what the nature that one person has, in which the personality of each individuals has,and what they're

Elderly Patients in Care Homes

Elderly Patients in Care Homes,part of the Population of Seniors, or Elderly people can be seen in Care Homes,which is because,due to their limited mobilities in comes to physical,or either can be said in general

Filipino Nurse being a Caregiver

Filipino Nurse being a Caregiver,this is pointing to those Filipino Nurses that work abroad being a Caregiver,this may usual and common for Filipino,Filipino Nurses in fact,most of them start their career

January 10, 2012

Filipino Caregivers Patience

Caregiver Job or Career,as a Hired Caregiver,or can be called Foreign Hired Filipino Caregiver,when we say,the word Caregiver,one thing will be on ones mind for sure,that may makes them think,in common way to

Filipino Caregivers effort

Filipino Caregivers effort,there are many things that a Filipino Caregivers must to be proud of, and must give this Filipino Caregivers a salutatory,because of their great effort, and no words can be said,as well as nothing

The Caregiver Job

Caregiver Job,what would be a Job of a Caregiver,our subject in this post is the Hired Caregivers,in all sides of the world,in fact,Hired Caregivers comes from different countries around the globe,and goes to another

January 9, 2012

Caregivers must often think of Safety First

Caregivers must often think of safety first,this must constantly done,in 24/7,outdoor or indoor,and in all four corners at home of the patient,or either where the patient living and you as a caregiver,whether in Care

O.F.W. Caregiver Sweat and Hardship

Before we go to the main point,let us first glimpse the nature of the so called the heroes, which is the O.F.W. as a whole generally,not just the Caregivers,but to all O.F.W.s that constantly doing their best in working

January 8, 2012

O.F.W. Caregiver in Israel usual trials

O.F.W. Caregiver in Israel usual trials,this trials that usually experienced for some O.F.W. Caregiver in Israel,which is the unpreparedness!going on forward, it goes exactly to say that,unprepared going back home

January 7, 2012

Patient preferred to be alone

 Alone,is a word perhaps we may think quickly in common way,that most of us do,lonely isn't it,going further,there are various reason on why one is alone,and rarely,some people do wanted to be alone,this

January 6, 2012

O.F.W. Caregiver in two way help

O.F.W. Caregiver in two way help! O.F.W. Caregiver known to be the hope for their love ones,in a reason for having a better future,Filipino Caregivers abroad is huge in comes to numbers count,and almost all side of

Dipper Care

Dipper Care!as we all know that,a Caregiver is the person that giving the care,no matter what,if a Family Caregiver,or either a Hired Caregiver,whether a foreign Hired Caregiver or not,all mentioned,is giving the

January 5, 2012

Tough 24

First and foremost,what would be the meaning of my post, the Tough 24? well this is how most live in caregivers are into, day and night,Tough 24 means,tough 24 hours of being a caregiver,24 hours of duty and

Caregiver Alertness is a must

Being a Caregiver is a great challenge,when in comes to task and duties,and in general responsibilities for being a caregiver, being responsible Caregiver is often the right thing to do,and it must be in

January 4, 2012

O.F.W Caregivers giving their best

O.F.W. Caregivers giving their best,first and foremost,what would be a person reason to give his/her best? this will be in many angle,and the reason is depending on who's the person involved and what is the innermost

Filipino Caregivers

Filipino Caregivers!!!!!! Filipino Caregivers around the globe,almost all sides of the world will definitely know Filipino Caregivers,and have the highest rate in regards to Care giving quality and quantity,this is because of

January 3, 2012

A Good Hired Caregiver

A Good Hired Caregiver!what will be the quality of a good Hired Caregiver?
that's what we'll gonna open the box,in Care giving world,as we go on to the main point,we all for sure knew

January 2, 2012


Trust!and TRUST IS VITAL, this simple word but powerful,in our life,trust is one of the very important thing,that often gives us peace of mind,confident,and quietness within, or calmness in our day to day  life

January 1, 2012

Learning Good thing about life being a Caregiver

Learning Good things about life being a Caregiver,being a caregiver is a blessing to me,specially having taking care of my patient that,really a good man,and have the golden heart,working as a caregiver in Israel is what I