October 31, 2011

Caregiver is a Teacher

Caregiver is a Teacher! would you think that a Caregiver is also a teacher in comes to his/her responsibilities as a caregiver,if your answer is no,maybe you must to read my post and understand fully on why it is,and if

The Range of Limitation of Caregiver Working in Israel

Caregiver in Israel,there are those things,that we are gonna dig and to know about,on what is the Working Range allowed for Caregivers in Israel,Working as a Caregiver in Holy Land is a wonderful, and amazing

October 29, 2011

What is Caregiver to Filipinos

Caregiver,Simple word isn't it?!but this simple word is shaping some Filipinos lives,for being a Caregiver in Career,and in fact,most of those Filipinos Caregivers around the globe,and are choose to be a caregiver,was

October 25, 2011

Concern for Patient

Concern!What would be the feelings of one person that concern to the person that he/she loves?or we can say,that.what would be in each ones feelings regarding concerning for someone?this Questions are the things

October 23, 2011

Slowing Down

All of us has each range when we'll slow down,and there are various reason on when it will arrive in our life,some of this causes are,due to old age,disease,illnesses,accident,and etc.but no matter what! for sure,all of

Caregiver's Role

Caregiver!we might think when we heard or read the word Caregiver,the first thing that comes into our mind is,one that cares for someone,that needed full attention and care, as well as assistance,in all day routine,Yes!

October 22, 2011

Skills and knowledge as a Caregiver

Skills and Knowledge as a Caregiver is very important for all caregivers,whether you're a Hired Caregiver that taking care for your employer or patient,or you as the Family Caregiver that taking care of your love

October 21, 2011

Life is inclining and declining pace

Life!there are many meaning about what really life is all about,but for sure,the colors within it, is challenging and more interesting as should say,ingredients are hardship,triumph,ease,success,     failure,honor,and much

October 20, 2011

Bed ridden patient suffering's

Bed Ridden suffering!first and foremost,we can dig first on what is really the suffering and sacrifices of those bed ridden patient,in practical way of understanding on what is really the suffering to all of those patient that

If I can change or stop the aging system

Aging system,when we heard this word,it seems for some,are afraid of it,and for some are open minded to accept the fact that,it is a way, and a part of our lives,but for some,they do their best to keep their young

October 19, 2011

Be prepared for retirement

Most of us tend to be aware to what will be ahead of their way,and some are aware and not acting upon,there are various reason on what each and everyone of us often unprepared,and unpreparedness is not a choice or

October 18, 2011

The importance of Personal screening

Now a days caregiver are much more needed due to shortage of a caregiver around the globe,and we all know that,having a caregiver is really a serious matter,why I said that? in a practical thinking!it is common to

October 17, 2011

Why do Caregivers getting more in demand

Why do caregiver are do getting more in demand?there will be a various answer to that wonderful question!and there are those practical answer are the most reason,first.people are getting older,some people

Holy Land Caregivers


The photo shown is the wishing wall in the city of JERUSALEM in ISRAEL,this place always a prayer

October 16, 2011

Fountain of Youth

FOUNTAIN OF YOUTH!perhaps most of us do know what its true meaning and some doesn't know it,or maybe they knew it,and they just ignore the secrets of our beloved seniors,hence our Grandfather and

October 14, 2011

Finding the right employer is a lucky thing to any caregiver

We all know that finding a right and good employer is a lucky thing to anybody,not just in Care giving but in all career, and in all side of the globe,and this thing is likewise the same in all aspect in business matter,good

October 13, 2011

Do you want to be a Caregiver?

Do you want to be a Caregiver?this will dig for today's topic my dear readers,perhaps you are thinking to be a caregiver in career,or maybe wanting to be a caregiver as for living,and maybe you are taking care for your

October 12, 2011

Every step of an elderly patient with a caregiver is important

There are things for a caregiver to always be aware of,and this thing is the step of the elderly or senior patient,because most of the elderly patient and all seniors citizens, are prone to falling and in fact that, is very

October 11, 2011

The longer the harder

What are those considered as obstacle in care giving?as in fact,the longer the caregiver stay in their one patient,the hard level often increases as years goes by,this thing must always be aware by any caregiver,the

The Importance of Having a Caregiver

The importance of having a Caregiver,What is really the role of a caregiver in each patient or employer that they took care of ? a big question mark and the answer is lay beyond the curtain,most of the defined image of

October 10, 2011

Sense of Magic

Before going to our topic,we might get some quick brain exercise,on what is a sense of magic?and do really this kind of feeling or sense in each and everyone of us do really happen?well!its really happening,and its do