December 31, 2011

Touching lines of my Patient

We first wipe some of the pressure, or stress a bit, I hope it will give you a bit of smile,even for a while,well! I remember those lines,and its make me happy when I am thinking and recalling,those lines that really touched

December 30, 2011

O.F.W. Caregivers in Israel yearly Visa renewal

O.F.W. Caregivers in Israel yearly Visa renewal,in Israel,O.F.W. Caregivers,are renewing their Visa every year,the Visa or the working permit is valid for one year,and renewable every each year,Visa is very

Going Home for Good

Going Home for Good,some caregivers,that work abroad,for long period of time,finally some of them ready to go home for good,what is the reason on why some of this caregivers,stay for long time and not going home

December 29, 2011

O.F.W. Caregivers Sweat and Sacrifices

O.F.W. Sweat and Sacrifices,their effort to do this sacrifices,and in each sweat that they had,its intended for their love ones,even though hardship,pressure,stress, that they've been through,all are easy to cope up,and always

Good Memories

Good Memories!how wonderful to imagine,that, good memories make one smiles,and a healthy within,in fact,those good memories made us all smiles,specially when hard time comes, even how hard times is

Tough Decision is Common for Hired Caregivers

Tough Decision is Common for Hired Caregivers,we go further into what my post is really all about,each every caregiver,has their own story,but we go to the common that occur in most hired caregivers,specially for

Proud to be a Caregiver

Proud to be a Caregiver,first and foremost,what would be a Caregiver must to be proud of, for being a Caregiver?well!its a question that if we think further the meaning, in regards of being a Caregiver, is a way to

Patience in Higher Level

Caregiver must to drive their Patience in Higher Level,we must to ask ourselves now,what is the level of patience that each caregiver has,maybe some will say,a huge and a high level,Yes!this is most of the levels that

December 28, 2011

Caregivers who love their job means good outcome

Caregivers who love their job,means good outcome,there is one thing must to consider, in regards to care giving,and on how some caregivers are happily doing their job as a caregiver,despite all those stress and

Huge Adjustments as a Caregiver

Huge Adjustments as a Caregiver,there are many kinds of adjustments that any Caregiver will be facing in comes to their respective job,and this included those daily responsibilities as well as those task, and duties as

PC TO PC Call Relieved the O.F.W. Home Sickness

 The PC TO PC Call Relieved the O.F.W. Home Sickness,how really technology made our lives,much more easier and made our world so closed to each others,in just a one touch of a screen, or a click on the

O.F.W. Need to Sacrifice for their love ones

O.F.W. Need to Sacrifice for their love ones,this kind of effort and sacrifices that O.F.W. most do,is obviously because of the love for their love ones,and the dream as well as the goals that need to achieve,and that's most

Need to be Care

Photo By: J.LE
Need to be Care,in Care Giving Career,as we all knew that Caregiver are the one that giving the care for their patient,but in this post

December 27, 2011

Prevention always a good step

Prevention always a good step,what are the good benefits that prevention can serve us?one is,and always a good result, and avoiding those unwanted situation that sometimes most are regretting,we are all know that, 

December 14, 2011

Safety Measure often times as a Caregiver

Safety Measure as a Caregiver is constantly important,this responsibility as a caregiver is one of the most important duties to often be done,and always be maintained at all times,there are different kinds of duties as a

December 13, 2011

Helping Relationship

Helping Relationship,helping relationship between the caregiver and the patient is a vital aspect in care giving task,as this can neutral and ease the daily treatments and all other needs,in comes to task and duties in daily

December 11, 2011

Convincing Patient in effective way

Convincing Patient in effective way could be challenging specially in care giving world,and its a huge challenge or test for any caregiver,and definitely it is often case to case basis depending on what is the condition or

December 5, 2011

O.F.W. fly abroad to work for a better life

O.F.W. fly abroad to work for a better life,O.F.W. is known for a long time in the Philippines, for its braveness and courage in terms of their sacrifices and willingness to do all the best for their love ones,even this is hard

December 4, 2011

O.F.W Caregivers various meaning of Arrival


O.F.W Caregivers various meaning of Arrival to
them,there's a lot of meaning for an O.F.W

December 2, 2011

Ready for take off to work abroad as a Caregiver


Ready for take off to work abroad as a Hired
Caregiver abroad,this scene are usual for Hired Caregivers that works abroad,whether in

Filipino Caregivers in Israel Sacrifice for the sake of their love ones

Filipino Caregivers in Israel Sacrifice for sake of their love ones in far across the sea,the story of each  Filipino Caregivers in Israel are quite the same in comes to their individual sacrifices,and this sacrifices are made truly

December 1, 2011

Foreign Caregivers in Israel used to Israelite foods

Foreign Caregiver in Israel used to Israelite foods and learns culture and tradition of Jewish people,most of the Foreign caregivers in Israel came from various nationalities,and the higher percentage of it came from

Caregivers Created to Care

Caregivers Created to Care for the patient for the Hired Caregivers,and for the Family Caregiver, they created to care for their love ones,being a caregiver is in two ways,the Hired Caregivers is by choice,which is

Shadow of Senior Citizens

Hi! to all my readers and viewers,my post for this time is the Shadow of Senior Citizens,what would be in your mind at this moment in regards to the title itself that I post,perhaps you will think that, what it is or maybe