July 6, 2011


Caregiver in career is a challenging career,and there's a lot of good things
to learn and shape your life not only in care giving career but what life
really is,as well as what life really means in reality,learning how life when
we got older,learning what really life for us and how really important life
is for each and everyone of us in this world,there's a lot of challenging
task or duties as a caregiver in career,this challenging task are most often
on how to deal with the mode of the patient in all ages,whether is an elderly,
child,teen,or in all ages for short.

Caregiver in career is challenging,because your dealing life,and the safety
and healthiness of the patient depend always on you as a caregiver,caring 
for an elderly patient is challenging for some various reason,depending
on what the health status of the patient,there are times most of the caregiver
give up due to some various reason,and the attitude or behavior of the patient,
and how the connection between the caregiver and the patient,some of those
caregiver give up due to unable to connect with the patient and the chemistry
between the caregiver and the patient are unmatched,and sometimes due to
lack of understanding between the caregiver and the patient.

There will be always a difference in each patient personality,and the challenging
task to it,is on how to gain the trust of the patient in terms of task or duties,
i day to day routine as a caregiver, such as medication bathing, various treatment etc.
this is one of the challenges that a caregiver will be facing,and there will be more,
depending on who is the patient, this will be measure the ability of the caregiver,
on how to deal with different kind of behavior of the patient that the caregiver
is into,and in fact, this is the hardest task for the caregiver to overcome,
but its always possible,with the secret powerful key,which is the patience,
a huge patience!within the heart of the caregiver,be patience always in
every different patient behavior and personality that you'll encounter,and
learn how to switch channels in different paces and be flexible to all 
challenges that will be on your way as a caregiver.    BY: J.LE


Elderly patient,what would be a caregiver will expect when
taking care for an elderly patient? there's a lot to be aware as a
caregiver when taking care for an elderly patient or a senior patient,
one thing is,most of the elderly patient has the behavior like of a minor
age despite of their old age,and in fact,all of us people,will walk on the same
way like them,and be one of the senior's in time,this is by nature,and no one
is excuse.
The common behavior of most elderly patient or senior,is that they needed
much more attention than we thought,at all times,and as we know,when we
saw or recall our beloved grandma or grandpa,they needed much more
attention and they're most likely a sensitive in terms of feelings,and
this thing must to be aware of, as a caregiver.
and must always take it in to consideration and a lots of patience,
a huge patience, most of the percentage of the elderly or senior
patient,they usually forget something,or doesn't remember what was
yesterday,and its not by intention,this is due to some diseases or ailment,
sometimes even in day by day conversation will be the same as yesterday.
The reason is just they wanted someone that will be there for them
to listen,to listen what was their past and comparing it in the present,
its so natural for most of the elderly patient.
as a care provider,you must to take it into the list for as the one
of the priority for the patient enjoyment,as this is what they wanted the most,
that someone will listen and have a good bonding by means of conversation,
they wanted that someone will truly understand what they wanted and
one that will be there for them to listen always,there are different kind's
of attitude and personality in each and every elderly patient,and the
goodness of one will always be a factors with the natural personality
as a person,as a caregiver,you must to know what is the natural personality
of your patient,and its something like,to dig dipper on what is the true
inner personality of your elderly patient,what the things that she/he
like the most and the thing that makes your elderly patient switch to
bad mode,and this must to be avoided,because its unhealthy for the
patient. you must to know better dipper on who is your patient,and
work from your heart and be there to listen constantly and let the
patient feels that you will be always at his/her side at all time,
as a best friend, not just only a caregiver that do the duties,but
as a person that the patient can count on in all matters as a his/her
best friend.      BY: J.LE


Gaining trust from the patient family as their caregiver,these is one of the vital
aspect that a caregiver must to achieve and the goal,trust in any person doesn't
comes right away in a day or two,and it doesn't ask to someone just to obtain
trust,but it rather comes from the heart that given to the person that worthy to
receive it,trust is vital in any side of our life,not only in care giving, but in all
angles in our daily life,trust is the most very important when in career,and if
trust is given,it must to be cared and not to be wasted, reputation in each one of
us is the most good thing to have within in any person,and in fact,its most likely
a good feeling within, that wherever you go,if you have the good reputation that
comes within the natural you as a person,and not just showing it for the sake of
getting the trust of other to give you,and this will just fade, if it is not that genuine.
Person that has a good reputation has the natural within them in their personality.
In this days,we all knew that caregiver is in demand worldwide,and the employer's
have the choices on whom they will hire as their caregiver,that they can trust.
there is a saying that,if you talk to any person,in face to face and you know how
to read the person personality,it's easy to figured, what kind of person that you are
having the conversation within the time of the conversation,this will tell
on how the person talk's, and on how the person act's,it's always reflect on the
person personality within, on who he/she is,in real.

Caregiver can gain or obtain the trust of the patient family,is by means of time,
and on how the caregiver do his/her duties,this is in terms of responsibilities.
the other thing is, on how the family of the patient can trust the caregiver as
a person within as genuine,like if the caregiver can be trusted alone with
the elderly person or in any ages,and on how the caregiver behave in terms
of personality in day to day routine as a caregiver.

We all know that its hard to trust someone,if you don't know him/her well,
time will tell,and time will let it flow voluntarily the trust, for the person that
worth to receive it.

Tip's for gaining the true trust of the patient family is,be honest truly within
genuinely,be responsible on daily task or duties as a caregiver,and be true
to yourself as a true person and act 's the natural good in you as a caregiver,
and a good person,that the family of the caregiver can trust at all times,that can
leave you alone as a caregiver with their father,mother,grandmother,grandfather
or etc. be open to the family of the patient and the patient as well,love them within
that comes from your heart, that truly care for them as a whole,not just by
doing your responsibilities, but as a whole,that can be trusted in all matters.
Do all the daily task within your heart and being true person as who you
are, and genuine that has the good personality, that wanted to help and to
care for the patient and patient family as well. in time will come, you as
a caregiver can fell the love and care from your patient and the patient
family, as one of their own family, and on how they treated you good
as a person, that care for them, and as a whole,then you as a caregiver
will able to feel the trust that you already obtain because of your good
doing and as a good caregiver as well as a good person.    BY: J.LE