May 17, 2011


First and foremost i would take the privilege to thank you for reading my article,as we move on to our topic the CAREGIVER LIFE. maybe some thinking for now how interesting the life of a caregiver and how much they're essential in the lives of our beloved senior citizens and likewise to those in need for a caregiver.

caregiver in general its serve in all ages that those in need and most likely to those patient that need someone to be with him or her in all times,whether a senior,child,teen. etc. in a long run when a patient need someone to care for them and someone that can give them the importance and companionship as well as in terms of medical routine daily and can perform as an all around caregiver as well that a patient can count on anytime specially in times of emergency situation. 

all the obligation and responsibilities of a caregiver always involve flexibilities as a caregiver but the main and vital responsibilities include such as.

1)hygiene constantly for both the patient as well as the caregiver.

2)always be presence of mind specially in terms of sensitive medical procedure, daily duties that involve a great care and focus.

3)dietary balance not just only for the patient as well as for the caregiver. both must be healthy and always on the go.

4)working with heart in a ways,understanding where you're standing and always put yourself in their shoe and imagine how hard could be if it will be reversed.

5)let friendship flow between you and the patient as trust comes after.

6)be always alert in times of emergency situation to be able to focus and perform the first aid effectively to save life.

7)honest,loyalty,flexible,understanding,caring all that make both patient and caregiver live life happy and likewise to the relative's and family of the patient. the caregiver must posses and able to adopt all the essential ways on how to make life easy and comfortable for both the patient as well for the caregiver itself, to be fulfilled in his or her duty as a caregiver.

life of a caregiver is not that simple as we think and to those caregiver and former caregiver we all know how hard it is, isn't it.not in means of daily task because anybody can learn all the household job,i mean it involve a lots of patience and understanding the situation of the patient, why or what makes the patient irritable,what the patient don't like and likes,what need to do to make the patient happy and how to manage the situation to put in neutral mode and make it normal day by day to make things much easier to both the patient and the care giver.etc. well is case to case basis and each caregiver had their own experience and with themselves they can able to tell how is it to be a caregiver in their own thoughts.
i wrote this article thinking that i can express likewise my deep understanding on how life nor what is the life of a caregiver,back then in my days as a caregiver it wasn't so easy at first but as time past by, slowly i adjusted and truly understand what really is a caregiver,that's the time eagerly me wanted more to go deep in the world of care giving. well if you really love what you do and willing to learn and understand deeply, always there's a room for people wanting to learn and look ways always to be successful in all field,no matter how hard it is, if one is willing and have the guts to tackle all obstacle then all will be in good result.

in care giving job you must always willing to learn and to understand the people that you taking care of,and be able to flex yourself always and capable of handling new task and always have a space to learn more and truly understand all kinds of patient in all ages and creatively give them the unique care that naturally came inside in your heart that both caregiver and the patient will be happy and for the caregiver to have the fulfillment and make a difference in your whole life.    WRITTEN BY: J.LE