June 5, 2011


In Care giving,the vision is to give all the very best to the patient that received
the care that needed,this include,such as,medication,treatment,physical therapy,
exercises,etc.all care or responsibilities for the care provider to give the best
to help the progress and development or treatment into the highest level as
possible,to help the patient move forward,and to be able to continue the best
and possible ways that comes ahead for the patient, to live and fight the obstacle
on the way,with the help of the care provider,the patient is comfortable to move
on and enjoy life in day by day cycle,the vision of the care provider is to help
bring back or restore the strength and happiness of the patient by means of
lifting up as best as it could for the patient,also help the whole family to enjoy
life together as a whole without the worries and scare,on what will be ahead,
life is GOD gift to us to live and enjoy the moments that we are into this world,
and just GOD will decide when will be the day for each one of us end.

Living in this world is limited to all living things,but with the chances that
in our way,we must live to the fullest and always think that everything in this
world is temporary,we can't never know when will be the last in each and
everyone of us,as a caregiver,always think of the best ways possible to help
the patient move forward for the better and giving the best of care that they
deserve,if we just imagine their situation,its hard for them in that position.
But there is always a way to be happy and continue life in spite of all the
hardship for them,the vision is, to give the patient the positive result in comes
to good health, and to continue life to be happy and be together with the family
in quality times. this is the vision as a caregiver, no mater how hard it is,just
focus to the treatment, and do all the best to the maximum as a caregiver,
and the result will be good for the patient and family of the patient as well.

Mission for the caregiver,is to make the patient happy and also the family,
because,this is the very best of all,to make the possible ways to help them
to spend the quality time together as family and not worrying what is the
situation that they are into,help them to move forward, the best as you
could, to make them happy together,and it is overwhelming to see the
patient and the family are happy, and moving forward, no matter what.

In care giving,always put your feet on their shoes who ever you care of,
and feel the things that they really wish for, and wanted, see and visualize
the puzzle that missing and be the one to help them to complete the puzzle
to live happier and joyous family with your presence as a caregiver.   BY:J.LE


In care giving,there's always a different side of it,depending whose giving the care,
when we just simply analyze thoroughly what is the juices within the word care giving,
is just simple as taking care for someone that needs a full attention and help or other
kinds of reason on why they need such care,when we say ''CARE'',what will be our
thoughts,perhaps some says,care is something that someone is giving such attention
to someone or someone give an importance to special person,like example,if you love
someone,you give care,when someone is special,you give or show care,and the usual
is the care that we gave to our parents,there's a lots of ways to show and give care,is
one way to the other or vice versa.
in care giving career,that if someone works as a caregiver,one thing that comes
in our mind is,giving care to someone that a caregiver doesn't know or not related
and by means of work or job,a caregiver must to give the great service which is care,
meaning of care for now is a part of the job as we summarize the word caregiver.
well is much more understandable if we just simply stress it, that someone work
to give a care to someone and get paid isn't it? As we are getting to deeper in our
topic,first thing and foremost,i wanna drop the big stone to point it out clearly,
to this curly question,that made our mind twisted.and in fact,is too easy to point
it clearly as if we just opening a can goods,or just eating a pieces of peanut,
  care giving in career is a job,someone will do the best to do this kind of job for an
exchange of salary,and it is true and logical,because as we think about it in practical
way,no one will spend time and effort and makes a sacrifices for the person that
he/she doesn't even knows and give the care for someone that isn't even your parents
or family member,in this days due to peoples growth,even a care giving is one of
the source option to earn for living, and honestly speaking,it is rare to have someone
as a caregiver that works from the heart,doing all the task and duties from the bottom
of the heart,to be fair in contrary,i am just digging it deeper on what is really the shape
in care giving world,making thing much simple in our topic and going to the target
dot,sharply,as this days,if you will really think that,each and everyone of us has our
own obligation in life to live and survive the way we live in our world,the system is
to work and be paid and you will have the source of income to spend money for
our daily needs and pay bills and all other essential expenses in financial matters.
Caregiver must to do all the very best to give care and be paid for the service that
a caregiver done,and if we think about it,even anyone or even not a caregiver
will not spend a time and effort and do all the best without a payment,and that's the
truth,because all of us has our own necessity in financial terms,caregiver is a job
and it is so rare to find a caregiver that works with heart,its always depend on
what personality of the caregiver whether just doing the responsibilities because
the service is paid,the most important is the caregiver doing the right obligation
and responsibilities at all times,and the sign of a caregiver that works with heart
is by sensing it naturally,that the duties and all task and care as a whole is comes 
from the heart and working like one of the family that cares a lot and not just 
doing the job and responsibilities and get paid.and it is rare, and if so luckily to 
have one good caregiver that works from the heart, is a heaven sent above and
it comes not by intention, but it comes truly by means above.this kind of caregiver
that will acts in deeds naturally as one of the family as if the family of the patient
knows the caregiver for long time and as well as for the patient.its comes quickly.
like magic,the family of the patient and patient can truly sense it,even the first time
the patient met the caregiver also for the family of the patient,as well as for the 
caregiver that its like the bonding is build within the very moment,like a family that 
you eagerly miss and for the patient, is eager to know more the caregiver deeply
likewise for the family,they sense the happiness ahead with the presence
of the caregiver in their lives,in this way,the caregiver touch the family lives.
And will have the better bonding as like true family,and its very important for
the patient health progress.the caregiver will do all the responsibilities with
all that comes from the heart and working from the heart,and not just working 
because the service is paid , but the caregiver will work from the heart
truly and naturally,not just by acts but comes from the heart.   BY:J.LE


First and foremost,what really the ways to help other and lifting other or to push up
others to cheer them up,in times of problems,sorrow,crisis in various matters or simply
help others to gain or restore the smile and happiness as well as the joy within others life.
there's no such specific ways or various kinds of steps on how to lift other lives to restore
the color that has been fade away due to varieties of reason or due to some circumstances,
in our lives,sometimes things or situation comes luckily or unluckily,or sometimes due
to others doing,such as negligence,intentionally,accidentally or just to some sort of nature
that inevitable to human to avoid or hide from it,well as we've understand the system that
life bring to us, is much more too complicated to determined on how,why,where and who.
This is always the question that we always comes in our mouth,a question that again and 
again cycling to our world as human.lifting lives is,being you naturally,doing the lift to cheer
up others in natural way that comes within your heart,and it will flow through the heart of
the person that need it,and it will flow out with the good result.

Day by day as we read in news paper's new on television and news in internet etc.
we can ever imagine the accident's that occur everyday to us people,and the result of
all this accident's causes a big changes in peoples lives,that no one can ever imagine,
its happen quickly and suddenly from a colorful life to a shadow life,all of the things
that happen regarding on how such sudden accident,natural disaster,calamities,human
bad intention to others,all this things will suddenly change the life of any person if
struck by this forces of destruction,and lives are in stakes and if luckily survive,the
chances are slim to normal,this involve psychological,emotional,physical in risk,
seldom cause death,survivor tends to find it hard to recover and the process will
takes time to bring back completely to the way that was before.

Victims in this tragedy, is the candidate that needs a lifting help, not just physical
but most often the hardest part is the trauma,by rehabilitation and steady treatment
and all sort of therapy as well as the medication,it will takes time to put it back
the way that a patient that he/she used to,before.

Doctors,nurses,and all sorts of therapist are always on scheduled for treatment,to help 
and to do all the best, to bring back the strength of the patient such as in physical,emotional
and psychological.this will be complete as a team with the caregiver entering in the
picture to help the treatment as well,caregiver will be always with the patient at
all times,to help lift the patient psychologically,emotionally,physically and spiritually,
as this will be a great help for the inner strength of the patient to restore.

In this patient situation,is always very important for the patient to have someone
to talk and to help lift him/her up and gain back the smile,happiness, joy, and
the strength physically,emotionally,mentally.this will be a great task for the
caregiver,but with all the patience and abilities to help the patient to restore
completely,this will takes time, but depend upon the willingness of the patient,
in this case is much more important at first to focus on patient mind,to help to lift
the patient up and cheering up as much as possible because this is very important
for the development, and if done it well, the recovery will be rapidly in result,
and if the first vital task is successful,and all the psychological that flow negatively
in patient mind,and the trauma is eliminated totally,the willingness of he patient
to help the process of lifting for his/her own good,as outright in terms, to live a
happily, and day by day non stop of treatment for good health and fast recovery.
This will be a big help for he patient and a good lift for caregiver to bring the
color back in place,if not physically 100%, but ,mentally,emotionally,spiritually,
in good shaped, this things will help the improvement,also this things, that makes
the patient brave to move on, to live and continue life as good as it could be, to the
best of the capacity of the patient.



  A  Caregiver with a Golden heart is rarely to be found when hiring a caregiver,there are
good,very good,sometimes bad unfortunately,but in rare cases in finding a Golden
heart caregiver is like a gift, that sent from heaven, and this chances is rare,
now a days, is too rare to find a golden heart caregiver as likewise in all aspect in life
as generally speaking,we hardly find a person with a golden heart.
mostly in this days,as the vast demand globally for hiring a caregiver is much more
concentrated as a career opportunities for people finding a job,this because of the
global crisis that the world are into, in this days,caregivers is well trained and well
motivated in all vital aspect in providing the best of services and care as well as all
the essential responsibilities and duties as a caregiver,most of the popular and in
demand caregiver is the Filipino caregivers,Filipino caregivers are well trained and
professionals,like nurses,nursing aid,physical therapist and other medical professionals,
and other profession, due to the fact, of what the status of the newly graduate medical
professionals,and some other professions in Philippines,some are attending and completing 
a course of care giving and had the certificate on hand, after the short course of care giving,
this vast of good quality caregivers,work abroad as a caregiver in career,whether temporarily
or permanently,and stay or migrate abroad,some makes care giving career as a stepping
stone to work abroad to find an opportunities to live and work abroad,and care giving career
is the choice that suit for them,in enhancing their skills and serve abroad as a caregiver.

Filipino caregiver is well known as a kind heart people,warm people and most of all
sensitive and easy to adapt in all ways of life style no matter how hard it is,i am not
stressing that all Filipino caregivers are good but a big percentage in it,is!its like saying
that,we can't say that person is good, its because she/he belongs to a good family,
 there's a lot of fishes in the ocean and the personalities are much more different in each
other to compare.to stress it in a bulls eye point,its always depend on whose the person
is,we can't always judge the book by its cover,we must at all times,to know the person
deeply on what the true color is.

Golden heart caregiver is rarely to have,because its special,and the good or great
thing to it is like a magic,that,as if, its like the patient is automatically attached
to the caregiver as well as for the patient family.and is always special in all in deeds 
and nothing to compared,as we can say,its almost perfect.

Good caregiver we have a lots,and good personality caregiver as well,we can't compared
good caregiver to the special golden heart caregiver its because is rarely to find,its like
when your fishing,commonly we can catch a fish that mostly seen often in our eyes,but
if there's a special fish, is rare.in care giving,finding the best and suit for the patient and if
lucky,found a caregiver with a golden heart, its a treasure for the patient and for the family
of the patient as well.
Filipino caregivers is the best, in regards to all aspect as well as in all angles 
in care giving, as a whole, as to say,flexibilities and adaptable to any 
environment and duties as well. A big percentage globally of caregiver 
is Filipino.due to a trademark that a Filipino has in care giving field,and 
within that percentage, you can find a  caregiver with a golden heart.  BY: J.LE