June 5, 2011


In Care giving,the vision is to give all the very best to the patient that received
the care that needed,this include,such as,medication,treatment,physical therapy,
exercises,etc.all care or responsibilities for the care provider to give the best
to help the progress and development or treatment into the highest level as
possible,to help the patient move forward,and to be able to continue the best
and possible ways that comes ahead for the patient, to live and fight the obstacle
on the way,with the help of the care provider,the patient is comfortable to move
on and enjoy life in day by day cycle,the vision of the care provider is to help
bring back or restore the strength and happiness of the patient by means of
lifting up as best as it could for the patient,also help the whole family to enjoy
life together as a whole without the worries and scare,on what will be ahead,
life is GOD gift to us to live and enjoy the moments that we are into this world,
and just GOD will decide when will be the day for each one of us end.

Living in this world is limited to all living things,but with the chances that
in our way,we must live to the fullest and always think that everything in this
world is temporary,we can't never know when will be the last in each and
everyone of us,as a caregiver,always think of the best ways possible to help
the patient move forward for the better and giving the best of care that they
deserve,if we just imagine their situation,its hard for them in that position.
But there is always a way to be happy and continue life in spite of all the
hardship for them,the vision is, to give the patient the positive result in comes
to good health, and to continue life to be happy and be together with the family
in quality times. this is the vision as a caregiver, no mater how hard it is,just
focus to the treatment, and do all the best to the maximum as a caregiver,
and the result will be good for the patient and family of the patient as well.

Mission for the caregiver,is to make the patient happy and also the family,
because,this is the very best of all,to make the possible ways to help them
to spend the quality time together as family and not worrying what is the
situation that they are into,help them to move forward, the best as you
could, to make them happy together,and it is overwhelming to see the
patient and the family are happy, and moving forward, no matter what.

In care giving,always put your feet on their shoes who ever you care of,
and feel the things that they really wish for, and wanted, see and visualize
the puzzle that missing and be the one to help them to complete the puzzle
to live happier and joyous family with your presence as a caregiver.   BY:J.LE

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