June 5, 2011


In care giving,there's always a different side of it,depending whose giving the care,
when we just simply analyze thoroughly what is the juices within the word care giving,
is just simple as taking care for someone that needs a full attention and help or other
kinds of reason on why they need such care,when we say ''CARE'',what will be our
thoughts,perhaps some says,care is something that someone is giving such attention
to someone or someone give an importance to special person,like example,if you love
someone,you give care,when someone is special,you give or show care,and the usual
is the care that we gave to our parents,there's a lots of ways to show and give care,is
one way to the other or vice versa.
in care giving career,that if someone works as a caregiver,one thing that comes
in our mind is,giving care to someone that a caregiver doesn't know or not related
and by means of work or job,a caregiver must to give the great service which is care,
meaning of care for now is a part of the job as we summarize the word caregiver.
well is much more understandable if we just simply stress it, that someone work
to give a care to someone and get paid isn't it? As we are getting to deeper in our
topic,first thing and foremost,i wanna drop the big stone to point it out clearly,
to this curly question,that made our mind twisted.and in fact,is too easy to point
it clearly as if we just opening a can goods,or just eating a pieces of peanut,
  care giving in career is a job,someone will do the best to do this kind of job for an
exchange of salary,and it is true and logical,because as we think about it in practical
way,no one will spend time and effort and makes a sacrifices for the person that
he/she doesn't even knows and give the care for someone that isn't even your parents
or family member,in this days due to peoples growth,even a care giving is one of
the source option to earn for living, and honestly speaking,it is rare to have someone
as a caregiver that works from the heart,doing all the task and duties from the bottom
of the heart,to be fair in contrary,i am just digging it deeper on what is really the shape
in care giving world,making thing much simple in our topic and going to the target
dot,sharply,as this days,if you will really think that,each and everyone of us has our
own obligation in life to live and survive the way we live in our world,the system is
to work and be paid and you will have the source of income to spend money for
our daily needs and pay bills and all other essential expenses in financial matters.
Caregiver must to do all the very best to give care and be paid for the service that
a caregiver done,and if we think about it,even anyone or even not a caregiver
will not spend a time and effort and do all the best without a payment,and that's the
truth,because all of us has our own necessity in financial terms,caregiver is a job
and it is so rare to find a caregiver that works with heart,its always depend on
what personality of the caregiver whether just doing the responsibilities because
the service is paid,the most important is the caregiver doing the right obligation
and responsibilities at all times,and the sign of a caregiver that works with heart
is by sensing it naturally,that the duties and all task and care as a whole is comes 
from the heart and working like one of the family that cares a lot and not just 
doing the job and responsibilities and get paid.and it is rare, and if so luckily to 
have one good caregiver that works from the heart, is a heaven sent above and
it comes not by intention, but it comes truly by means above.this kind of caregiver
that will acts in deeds naturally as one of the family as if the family of the patient
knows the caregiver for long time and as well as for the patient.its comes quickly.
like magic,the family of the patient and patient can truly sense it,even the first time
the patient met the caregiver also for the family of the patient,as well as for the 
caregiver that its like the bonding is build within the very moment,like a family that 
you eagerly miss and for the patient, is eager to know more the caregiver deeply
likewise for the family,they sense the happiness ahead with the presence
of the caregiver in their lives,in this way,the caregiver touch the family lives.
And will have the better bonding as like true family,and its very important for
the patient health progress.the caregiver will do all the responsibilities with
all that comes from the heart and working from the heart,and not just working 
because the service is paid , but the caregiver will work from the heart
truly and naturally,not just by acts but comes from the heart.   BY:J.LE

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