June 5, 2011


  A  Caregiver with a Golden heart is rarely to be found when hiring a caregiver,there are
good,very good,sometimes bad unfortunately,but in rare cases in finding a Golden
heart caregiver is like a gift, that sent from heaven, and this chances is rare,
now a days, is too rare to find a golden heart caregiver as likewise in all aspect in life
as generally speaking,we hardly find a person with a golden heart.
mostly in this days,as the vast demand globally for hiring a caregiver is much more
concentrated as a career opportunities for people finding a job,this because of the
global crisis that the world are into, in this days,caregivers is well trained and well
motivated in all vital aspect in providing the best of services and care as well as all
the essential responsibilities and duties as a caregiver,most of the popular and in
demand caregiver is the Filipino caregivers,Filipino caregivers are well trained and
professionals,like nurses,nursing aid,physical therapist and other medical professionals,
and other profession, due to the fact, of what the status of the newly graduate medical
professionals,and some other professions in Philippines,some are attending and completing 
a course of care giving and had the certificate on hand, after the short course of care giving,
this vast of good quality caregivers,work abroad as a caregiver in career,whether temporarily
or permanently,and stay or migrate abroad,some makes care giving career as a stepping
stone to work abroad to find an opportunities to live and work abroad,and care giving career
is the choice that suit for them,in enhancing their skills and serve abroad as a caregiver.

Filipino caregiver is well known as a kind heart people,warm people and most of all
sensitive and easy to adapt in all ways of life style no matter how hard it is,i am not
stressing that all Filipino caregivers are good but a big percentage in it,is!its like saying
that,we can't say that person is good, its because she/he belongs to a good family,
 there's a lot of fishes in the ocean and the personalities are much more different in each
other to compare.to stress it in a bulls eye point,its always depend on whose the person
is,we can't always judge the book by its cover,we must at all times,to know the person
deeply on what the true color is.

Golden heart caregiver is rarely to have,because its special,and the good or great
thing to it is like a magic,that,as if, its like the patient is automatically attached
to the caregiver as well as for the patient family.and is always special in all in deeds 
and nothing to compared,as we can say,its almost perfect.

Good caregiver we have a lots,and good personality caregiver as well,we can't compared
good caregiver to the special golden heart caregiver its because is rarely to find,its like
when your fishing,commonly we can catch a fish that mostly seen often in our eyes,but
if there's a special fish, is rare.in care giving,finding the best and suit for the patient and if
lucky,found a caregiver with a golden heart, its a treasure for the patient and for the family
of the patient as well.
Filipino caregivers is the best, in regards to all aspect as well as in all angles 
in care giving, as a whole, as to say,flexibilities and adaptable to any 
environment and duties as well. A big percentage globally of caregiver 
is Filipino.due to a trademark that a Filipino has in care giving field,and 
within that percentage, you can find a  caregiver with a golden heart.  BY: J.LE

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