June 4, 2011


Life after care giving career,career in care giving is done,and moving to the
next pace in life,but the good and fantastic moment as a caregiver will always
stay within the heart of any caregivers,and no matter what,the caregiver will
always stay a caregiver in heart and mind, because the good and positive aspect
being a caregiver,will be part of the caregiver life no matter what happen.

A good caregiver,will always be a good caregiver,and personality is well good
developed,as a good person, and with the golden kind heart,deep within, and it
will remain in the deepest place within the heart of the good caregiver.
good and bad experiences as a caregiver, will always the tools in facing life ahead,
and keeping all the memories that always bring the happiness in life and learning
from the hard experiences as a caregiver.
The memories that keeps the heart of the caregiver beating and keeping it
purely as a good person, and well shaped personality.being a caregiver in career
is so great experience,because,caregiver personality will be shaped much more
sharper than before,specially if the caregiver truly understand what really
mean,of being a caregiver, to care for someone that in need,and developing good
connection to the patient and well attached to the family, and the patient as well,being 
a caregiver always hard from the start and much more harder in the end,''WHY'''?,
because caregiver in career is not that easy, compared to a relative or family member 
caregiver,because family caregiver such as taking care of the son and the caregiver is
her/his father or son taking care of the father etc.they have the connection to the patient, 
because the patient knows them and trust them very well,the task that they will do is in
treatment,medication etc.and it is also hard task for a family caregiver,all the
hardship task and pressure they also tackling it in day by day,you can see the
hard situation for them,they're the family that took care of their love ones and
it is hard for them,what more for the hired caregiver,and working as a caregiver
in career isn't it?,the caregiver worker is finding so hard from the start,but with
patient and doing all the best, the caregiver worker will gain the trust of the
family of the patient as well as for the patient itself.in this point,slowly the
caregiver, with all the hard work and dedication and being good not just only
in doing all the duties well and good, but being a good person,the family can
sense it and also for the patient,and they will allow a bridge for the caregiver
worker to cross it to be part of the family.

Its hard being a caregiver worker,but its always rewarding in the end,and if
you will think about it truly,and sensing the hard work and patience that a good
caregiver done,well is amazing to think as outright in all deeds because it really
rewarding and ac-knowledgeable and most appreciated in accomplishment.

No matter what happen,after the care giving job,it'll always remain in memories,
a good memories for the caregiver,specially when well attached to the patient and
family of the patient,they will be always in the heart of the caregiver as family,
family not in blood but as a human that attached to each other and become
like a blood that flows through the vain and will always remained in the heart
of the caregiver.also for the family of the patient and patient as well.

as i have said above care giving is hard from the start and much
more harder in the end, its because, in hence,for the caregiver 
worker,if the job is finished due to some reason or the patient
dies,its so very hard for the caregiver also, because the caregiver is
attached to he patient and its like a father or a brother,
a best friend or son,i am stating in general in all ages
of care giving.its to hard to be a caregiver because,
when the patient dies,its a lost also for the
caregiver, like he/she lost a love ones in family.
in family caregiver, is hard likewise the same as the 
 caregiver worker felt because they lost their love one,
to make it shorter,its so hard,because working as a caregiver
and well attached to the patient and family,if the patient dies,
is so hard for the caregiver worker also as well,like as the family
of the patient,because the caregiver is part of the family.
and not only a family but the caregiver and patient
connection and well attached, its a right to say,a best of
friend relationship between patient and caregiver.     BY: J.LE

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