June 30, 2011


This tips is for the caregiver that taking care for an Alzheimer patient, it's hard for this
type of patient for the caregiver, as we knew that Alzheimer patient are sometimes are
unaware on what is happening on his/her environment and sometimes forgot names
of people that he/she knows for a long period of time and usually names of the relatives
or whatsoever.and in fact,this incurable disease was first described by the German
psychiatrist and neuropathologist in 1906, Alois Alzheimer,and the disease was name
after him.

      “Some Signs Of Alzheimer disease are”

           1) Confusion
           2) Restlessness
           3) Memory loss
           4) irritable behavior
           5) language breakdown

 This Alzheimer disease is known to be incurable disease and  is called as the cell from a human brain is dying.

As a caregiver that taking care of Alzheimer patient,always find the way as the 
best ways to help keep the patient mind stay active,and this case of disease as a
caregiver,you must have a lots of patience to have within you as a care provider,
that truly understand the situation of the patient,in day by day routine,do all the
best to first engage in any conversation to both of you and the patient,any topic
that catch the interest of the patient to have the conversation,this will help the
mind to stay active,and be aware that for a few minutes the patient will forget,
there's nothing we can do about that,just always maintain the treatment,it is not
the cure for the said disease, but in engaging to any conversation with the patient
this can help activate the brain to exercise for couple of minutes and will be back
on the point where the disease stock the brain,there are also ways to help keep
the mind of the patient active,by means of reading,any kind of books that gain
interest of the patient or any news papers to keep up to date the patient memory,
do all the best as a caregiver to help the patient and work within your heart as
treating the patient as your best friend,as a caregiver you must to understand
and always put your feet on yours patient shoes and feel what the hardship
that the patient is experiencing in daily cycle of his/her life.

Always find the best ways to engage any conversation for the patient to his/her
interest at all times to help keep the mind active,talk to the patient within your
heart and even the conversation is the same with the other day,put the patient
on track to have the conversation, and let the patient enjoy the conversation,
and when you as a caregiver knows what really interest the patient to have
a conversation,remind the patient of the people that he/she knows, like the
member of he family or the son, daughter or whatsoever that keeps the patient
enjoying the conversation. This simple mind exercise doesn't eliminate the
disease,but it'll help the mind of the patient to remember something and
exercising the brain of the patient to be active and not stock,always at all
times be patience to engage any conversation that keep the patient to be
on track and be creative to do all the best possible options to maintain
the patient mind active, and help also the patient to join some gathering
of the patient friends like talking while drinking coffee together with some
of the patient friends or by playing chess or other mind games that gain the
interest of the patient or watching television together and engaging with some
conversation and or the family of the patient if there is an occasion or either
the family of the patient will engage some conversation,and always remember
that you as a caregiver can maintain this simple brain exercise in day by
day routine for the Alzheimer patient.

Caregiver vital role in Alzheimer patient is to keep the patient safety at
all times when at home,Alzheimer patient is not safe when alone at home,
it is always recommended by the medical professional to have caregiver
at all times with the patient sake and safety at home and at all times to be
with the Alzheimer patient, because some case of Alzheimer patient, the
patient will walk even in the middle of the night if the patient think that she/he
will go to somewhere place that even himself doesn't know where he/she
is going. also, at the patient home, some other things is flammable and it
is to dangerous for the Alzheimer patient to be alone at home,in
bottom line,caregiver will be the guide and the person that will always
remind the patient and keep the safety and all the essential things
for the patient and as a whole for the patient sake,such as diet,medication,
feedings,bathing,clothing,and as a whole in daily routine.      BY: J.LE

Tips for caregiver to avoid skin infection for old or senior patient.

Skin infection can be prevented when taken an action at the very first stage of
wound and by taking care properly with dressing every day to keep it clean and by
applying some antibiotic cream that recommended by the assign doctor or physician,
as a caregiver,always bear in mind that it is much more practical to keep the patient
away from any wound,or be always cautious on what the patient do and must do,
and always avoid the patient from any sharp or pointed edges or sharp object that
can cause wound,in this ways,you as a caregiver can ease the lifestyle of your senior
               There are some cases must to be aware of, as a caregiver.

1) Some of the old patient or most of them are prone to wound,due to some sensitivity
on their skin. As a caregiver avoid the patient from getting a wound,sensitivities
of skin especially old patient,must always be taken into proper care,as a caregiver
avoid the patient from scratching his/her own skin,because this can cause a tiny
wound from the start and if not noticed can lead to a deeper and double size wound,
always maintain the nail of the patient trim level to his/her each finger tip. In this
way,it is safe for the patient when unavoidable scratching done.

2)diabetic patient. Diabetic patient are prone to skin infection if not properly care or
not prevented the wound from infection,as a caregiver you must be aware of what
is the disease and status of your patient whether senior or child patient or any age,
always be aware the things to be in caution,like unwanted wound that sometimes
due to some circumstances occurred and not intentionally done and not wanted
by both either the caregiver or the patient,in this case,as a caregiver always avoid
the patient from getting a wound,and when sometimes come,that the patient got
a wound in various unwanted reason,always call the assign physician or nurse
to check the wound,this simple ways can prevent unwanted skin infection.

One thing to be at all constantly be very watchful on what the patient do, if that will
cause any wound and even a tiny wound,always avoid the patient to have it,its because
even a single tiny wound can developed a skin infection if the patient is diabetic or
has a sensitivity on skin,and this will cause for the patient to unnoticed skin infection,
the best thing or the best ways to prevent the senior or old patient from any skin infection
is to avoid as much as possible for the patient to have unwanted wound,and sometimes
inevitable circumstances happen that patient got a wound,take the ample time and do
the proper way of medication and dressing and always follow the instruction of the
doctor or physician.

Keep the wound always clean everyday and if the doctor advice to put some antibiotic
cream or whatsoever,always do the proper way to follow the instruction of the doctor
and if there will be any unusual that you think,always call the physician and schedule
a follow up check up,in this simple way,you can prevent any skin infection for the
patient. and it will help ease your day both as a caregiver and patient that free from
wound,and if free from wound free from any unwanted skin infection.  BY:J.LE