August 30, 2012

Care that last for long

I worked as a Caregiver many years in Israel,took care of various patient from child to elderly or as to say in all ages.whether in Home Care,Nursing Home,Private Home and Hospital.lived out or lived in Caregiver,I had experienced all sort of patient diseases & ailments,with all of those experiences that I had,it makes me complete not just because being a Caregiver but understood what is the purposed of life in each and everyone of us.

August 29, 2012

What would we do about inevitable aging

What should we do about inevitable aging? its a very complicated question if we ask and think that we don't want to be old or perhaps we thought about fountain of youth maybe,in fact,some people were into surgery to look younger despite of the age,some because of the signs of aging which is visible.this would be accomplished for those people that has the capability in regards to financial matter,however this is not totally make us younger inside physically and psychologically,this would be just outer look for those had a successful operation,although some are successful achieving the desire to look younger from outside appearance,but for sure,no one can stop aging in a truthful opinion and honest way to express thought,all of us will get older as days goes by.this is inevitable and should be accepted.

August 26, 2012

Lesson being a Caregiver

Lesson being a Caregiver,sounds interesting isn't it?well, its a worth lesson as a whole for me,in fact,lesson that I've learned being a Caregiver is part of my life,and if you believe or not,I used to overcome any obstacles and difficulties ahead of my way,no matter how hard it is,i just often remind myself that,those elderly patient that I took care also those child and as well in all ages that suffered from ailments, diseases,disabilities etc. they do overcome any challenges that may on their way,in present nor future.

August 1, 2012

What do really Hired Caregiver do and must

What do really Hired Caregiver do?before jumping into that question let me first put a bit of oil into the pan before serving it to you,firstly we dig and explain it in a practical all do people knew that being a Caregiver is having the huge responsibilities in day to day as well as night by night and over and over again in regards to the duties and obligation being a Caregiver,in fact the growing numbers of Hired Caregivers increases from time to time.most of this Hired Caregivers comes from different countries which means having various tradition and culture that they inherit from their mother land on where they came from.why I mentioned this?its because clearly to say that one of the things that a Hired Caregiver must adjust is how the way of living and tradition as well as the culture on where country she/he would supposed to work,having the understanding on what the country is and what the essential adjustments that need to be done as well as aware of what the things to be done and not,and the most important is understanding what is the law of the country specially the rights of the employer and patient as well as his/her too being a Hired Caregiver.